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Congratulations on receiving your award from LKQ! We hope you enjoy the ease and simplicity of redeeming your certificate online.
Step 1: Submit Award
Begin by entering the Tracking Number or Award Code and full Value of your certificate below, then click "Enter Certificate." Once you have entered all the certificates you would like to redeem, click "View Merchants" below the list of certificates.
To check the status of a previously entered redemption click here.
Sample Codes: 243-99245351-775-117358-878262-0001 or 247Y9NR3A65X9999
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Helpful Hints

If you change your mind and want to redeem your award at a later date, under "OPTIONS" click "REMOVE" and the award will be deleted for redemption at this time.
Redeeming Your Award Is Quick and Easy
Step 1: Submit Award
Step 2: View Merchants
Step 3: Select Merchant
Step 4: Review Cart
Step 5: Check Out
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