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How to Empower Employees to Fight Social Isolation Among Senior Living Residents

Rhonda Basler
L - Woman holding hand of older woman
L - Woman holding hand of older woman

The fight against social isolation among older adults is not new for senior living community leaders and employees. These residents, however, now are at even more risk of experiencing social isolation and loneliness, which can have negative health outcomes ranging from dementia to stroke to even coronary heart disease.

Under normal circumstances, residents can enjoy visits from loved ones and old friends as well as facility-sponsored outings to fill their emotional cups. These are unusual times, however, and as you are all too well aware, many senior living locations have had to enact visitor restrictions for health and safety reasons. These are necessary precautions, but as a result, 43% of older adults report feeling lonely.

The potential for social isolation to lead to health deterioration is greater in our current environment. It’s up to leaders and employees to show extra empathy and lead with emotional intelligence to fight the loneliness epidemic.

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