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Learn how Hallmark cards can increase the number of home buyers and sellers you represent every year.

STAT 74 percent vs 72 percent

74% of consumers would like to receive more greeting card mail from businesses, and of those 72% prefer a Hallmark card to a non-Hallmark card.

SOURCE: USPS mail data

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Frequently Asked Questions by Realtors

What role do greeting cards play in my 8x8, 33-touch or influencer real estate marketing program?

Whatever process you follow to market your real estate business, Hallmark business greeting cards won’t be your entire strategy, but they will be highly influential when used appropriately.

Why should I include Hallmark cards in my marketing plan?

When you use a Hallmark greeting card, you can be sure that it will be opened, read, understood and remembered.  Just think about it… when was the last time you didn’t open a Hallmark card when you received one?  That’s right.  Hallmark cards are the mailed marketing tactic that don’t get recycled or thrown away like postcards, newsletters and self-mailers.

How many greeting cards should be included in my annual marketing plan to my influencers or SOI (Sphere of Influence) list?

A good number is to shoot for four cards per year to all of your past clients, influencers and referral sources.  Make sure these are times where you can connect emotionally, but also promote your real estate business.  For example, a Christmas card for real estate or Valentine’s Day appreciation card that includes both holiday wishes and appreciation as main messages.  Other great cards include a real estate New Year’s card, or a patriotic holiday, such as Memorial Day, 4th of July or Veterans Day. A surprise and delight event invitation for a client appreciation event is great if you are holding special events for your real estate business.  And finally, everyone likes to be celebrated on their birthday.

What about Home Anniversary and New Home greeting cards?

These greeting cards are a must for your Realtor marketing plans and an area where Hallmark Business Connections shines.  Clients often tell us that sending Hallmark cards often get the comment, “You didn’t just send me a card, you sent me a Hallmark card.” And, don’t forget about offering your clients moving cards. By providing “We’ve Moved” cards you can feature a photo of their new home, and include a subtle reference to the wonderful Realtor who helped them.  In the process, you’ll gain access to their friends, family and new neighbors.  Win, win, win!!!

Are there any other Hallmark business greeting cards for real estate I should consider?

The last and incredibly meaningful type of Hallmark cards to consider are for life events.  When you have truly meaningful connections with people, you celebrate, mourn, and encourage each other.  Our assorted card packs, and specifically our Realtor assorted card pack, will help you be prepared for anything.  If you are interested in selecting specific cards for life events, check out encouragement, care and concern, sympathy, baby and congratulations

Corporate Solutions for Real Estate Marketing

With a corporate solution, Hallmark creates a custom website for the organization that includes the company’s own collection of greeting cards. This provides better brand control, coordination between sales and marketing, the ability to add original cards developed for the organization and, when applicable, volume pricing and special services.  Contact us to learn more about how corporate solutions work.