Our People

Meet the experienced Hallmarkers dedicated to helping you build and strengthen the relationships that are crucial to your business.

Headshot - Andy Pence

Andy Pence

General Manager

“Bringing Hallmark to business.”

As the General Manager of Hallmark Business Connections, Andy's role is to make sure the customer comes first, to build the right team for the job, and ensure the team stays aligned with strategic initiatives. His philosophy is, "If you have those three things right, everything else should fall into place."

Andy leads the team with a passion for Hallmark and the brand's core values bringing them to the business world. "We bring Hallmark to business by taking the time to understand our business customers, their market, their customers, their beliefs and values. In doing this, we can better serve them by bringing care and value to their business."

Outside of work, Andy loves spending time with his family, and not surprisingly is a big believer in bettering the local community focusing primarily on at-risk youth.

Daryl Person - Headshot

Daryl Forkell

Creative Director

"It’s not just a card, it’s a Hallmark card."

As Creative Director for Hallmark Business Connections, Daryl leads both the left-brain and right-brain aspects of creative development.  

Daryl is responsible for overall strategic creative direction for key client accounts as well as the products HBC develops and sells online. She and her team have equal accountability to meet the brand and strategy needs of clients, many of whom are very well-known brands with well-established identities, and do so while creating a Hallmark product — like greeting cards, stationery, calendars, and ornaments. Her team draws upon the same rich trends and immense proprietary assets used to make the Hallmark products you see in stores and on Hallmark.com. But her team’s charge is to create and curate Hallmark social expression in a way that uniquely helps support and enhance our clients’ relationship-building needs. 

“We get permission to play in some unique emotional moments between businesses and their customers and employees. Permission that allows us to use artful images and editorial to say things in a far warmer way than other forms of business communication.” 

She is also responsible for organizational structure, talent development, project management, capacity planning, and ongoing work process improvements to run a creative studio that supports the current business while also enabling growth. 

When she’s not leading creative for Hallmark Business Connections, Daryl can most often be found enjoying all the simple joys life holds with her Pre-K son.

Headshot - Patrick McCullough

Patrick McCullough

Client Strategy Director

“It's amazing what a card can do.”

As the Client Strategy Director, Patrick leads Hallmark Business Connections' go-to-market teams including sales, client strategy, marketing and e-commerce. Every day, Patrick leads a team that goes out and evangelizes a simple belief: Hallmark Cards can do a lot for businesses! Whether you are building a relationship with a client or incentivizing a customer to come in and shop, no other direct marketing format or channel can deliver the kinds of results a Hallmark card can.

Patrick has spent his career working with companies to help them evolve their marketing strategies and build better customer experiences. “I’ve been blessed to lead teams across many different organizations while supporting many different clients and industries, from SaaS solutions and e-commerce management, marketing and advertising strategy, to management consulting…  And each of these experiences helped frame my broad view of the business world that keeps me grounded and allows me to work with and contribute to Hallmark’s broad client base.”

Patrick lives with his wife Chelsie in Seattle, WA, along with their Goldendoodle Millie, and they spend most of their time hiking, working in their garden, or traveling whenever they can.