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Everything You Need to Know About Hallmark Greeting Cards for Employee Relations

What is the best system for giving employees birthday cards and years of service anniversary cards?

The secret to success for employee greeting cards is developing a system for sending cards at the right time. These cards can be ordered in advance and then given to employees throughout the year. Setting an annual calendar appointment for every year is critical to avoid missing anyone. (And setting a reminder for a day or two before also is helpful.) Pro tip: Order a new birthday and anniversary card for employees at the same time every year. Give every employee the same birthday and anniversary cards for that year. The next year, order new cards to use that year.

What is the best way to send greeting cards to hundreds or thousands of employees at one time?

For holiday greetings to employees, employee appreciation and workplace safety cards that are typically large quantities of cards, Hallmark Business Connections provides “Make It Easy” services that print the message in a handwriting font and mail the cards for you. Sending cards from human resources, managers, department heads or the CEO has a long-lasting impact on employees and how they feel about working for your company. Even better, mail employee appreciation cards at the holidays to employees’ homes to inform friends and family of how much their loved one is appreciated at work.

My business is interested in setting up a program for our managers to have access to greeting cards for their employees. How do I access your corporate solutions?

First, check out our Hallmark for Employee Relations information and then contact us to connect with an expert in our corporate solutions group.

Do you have programs that let employees send cards to customers, but let me control the budget?

Yes, in fact, our clients report that 94% of employees feel personal accomplishment when they can send Hallmark cards to customers. You can empower your employees to send greeting cards to customers by buying cards on our website, or you can utilize our award-winning Customer Care Solution. You can learn more at Hallmark for Customer Experience or contact us to find out more about this corporate solution.