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5 Ways to Show Care and Concern to Staff During Difficult Times

It’s not uncommon to feel lost for words when an employee experiences the death of a family member or friend. You may feel that no amount of words or supportive gifts will help your colleague or employee cope with the loss of someone they loved. It’s hard to know where to draw the line, too. Althoug…
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25 Simple Messages That Show Clients & Employees You Care

We’ve outlined ideas for personal messages to help connect with those important people in your work world—your customers and employees.
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3 Ways to Express Sympathy and Care with Business Greeting Cards (Plus What to Write in Business Sympathy Cards)

If you’re in the business of caring for others, you know how important it is to reach out to clients during tough times, either face-to-face or with a handwritten note. It’s never easy to express concern or sympathy, but with a trusted resource by your side, you can be reassured you’re sending busin…
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Everything You Need to Know about Care and Concern Cards

Are sending care and concern cards right for my business?

When a customer or employee is going through a difficult time, it's hard to know what to do and the right words to say. But Hallmark Business Connections is here to help you deliver meaningful well wishes. From "get well soon" and "feel better" to "thinking of you" and "we're here for you," our care and concern greeting cards for business will help you give comfort or encouragement to employees or customers. And you can purchase bulk care and concern cards for your business so that you always have a card to send when an employee or customer needs it most.

How should I send get well, thinking of you, and encouragement cards to employees?

Be there for your fellow coworkers or employees when they or their loved ones are suffering through a difficult time. Struggling to find the right words? Not sure how to sign a get well or thinking of you card? Let Hallmark help. Most of our get well cards allow you to choose an inside sentiment that will resonate best with your business's tone and style.

How should I send get well, thinking of you and encouragement cards to customers?

If your customer or client is going through a rough patch, you and your business can show you're there to support them too. Express empathy by sending a care and concern greeting card. Remember, businesses that are authentic can connect in greater ways with customers and clients. Hallmark Business Connections is the only place where you can add a personal touch to Hallmark care and concern cards by choosing your sentiment and adding a personal message plus the option on select cards to add your company name or logo.

We also offer sympathy (including pet sympathy) cards to offer your condolences and support for those who are grieving.