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26 Results



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$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
STAT up to 25 percent

Clients report up to 25% higher customer satisfaction with Hallmark card recipients.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

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Here’s How to Show Your Customers and Employees You Care Enough

Sprint partnered with Hallmark Business Connections to create a branded card for a customer thank you campaign.
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Case Study

Hallmark Cards Are a Double Win for Marketing ROI

Test a Hallmark business greeting card against any top-performing mail tactic you’re currently using. Most likely, Hallmark cards will be opened, read, understood and acted upon better than your existing solution.
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10 Best Practices When Sending Birthday Cards to Employees

Remember the time you found just the right card for a family member’s birthday? Or how great you felt when you were able to find just the right words to say to a loved one in their birthday card? Just as you’d make it a priority to send birthday wishes to your friends and family, it’s important to …
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Everything You Need to Know about Business Thank You Cards

What's the difference between a business thank you note and a business thank you card?

Most people use the term notecard and thank you card interchangeably. As you are shopping at Hallmark Business Connections, you’ll find thank you greeting cards are full-size greeting cards. Thank you note cards are the smaller, half size, blank-inside cards that most people use.

Is it better to have a custom thank you card or a standard Hallmark greeting card?

Traditional Hallmark thank you cards or thank you notes feel like you went to a Hallmark Gold Crown store and picked out a card. That’s a pretty special feeling to give to employees and customers. However, personalized business thank you cards are some of the top-selling thank you cards. Adding your logo or team photo or hiring Hallmark to create a completely custom thank you card is a wonderful expression of your brand and an expression of thanks.

How do I send thank you greetings to my customers? I can't possibly hand-write all of those cards.

With our improved “Make It Easy” services, Hallmark can add your personal message and name as well as address and mail your cards for you. We do this all in our proprietary handwriting fonts that mimic real handwriting. You can simply select the font that most resembles your handwriting or the handwriting you wish you had!