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When customers decide which company to choose for their property, casualty or life insurance, the biggest factor after price is often a rather subjective metric—trust. Be the agent and brand they know and trust on a personal level and they’ll seldom think of switching.

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State Farm Birthday Card and Envelope

Want relationships that grow and last? Hallmark can help.

Form long-lasting bonds with your clients

Build trust with your clients by leveraging our relationship expertise, so they know they can rely on you in their times of need.

When your agent sends you an early birthday card. Shout-out to the coolest insurance company!

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Sending a greeting card is a little something extra customers may not be expecting. We aren't asking them for anything. We're simply saying happy holidays or happy birthday. It's an easy way to let them know we appreciate them.

Houston, Texas-based agent

Sending cards can have unexpected results, like positive word-of-mouth feedback on social media.

Acknowledging your clients on their birthday is a great thing, but don’t miss other important opportunities to show you care by sending cards for any major life events.

Building a relationship independent of pushing more products can make your customer feel genuinely cared for and not another number on your client list.

Increase customer retention rates

A critical part of growing your book of business is keeping the customers you already have. A great way to do that is by connecting with them in more personal ways throughout the year.

16% Stat

Those who send Hallmark birthday cards, alongside other campaigns, retain 16% more customers than those who do not.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
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“Talk about a personal touch. Thanks for the #Thanksgiving card!”

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Enhancing your marketing and direct mail campaigns with a Hallmark card can have a direct impact on lowering your attrition rates.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to show appreciation for your customers. And get your message noticed ahead of busy holiday schedules.

Thanksgiving is an unexpected occasion to receive a greeting card, which makes it that much more impactful to your customer.

Expand your policy offering with clients

Whether they are looking at adding a new driver, buying a boat, or moving to a bigger house, be at the ready with cards that help you be there during major life events.

STAT 3000X

Emotion moves the brain to a decision 3,000 times faster.

SOURCE: Shopping Behavior Explained
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An early B-Day card from my insurance agent. #ItsTheLittleThings

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When you respond in a personal way during your client’s big life moments, you naturally stay top of mind when your it counts the most.

Be proactive about staying in touch with your clients because you never know when they might need to make changes. Plus, knowing what is going on in their lives gives you additional opportunities to earn their business.

Sending a card to clients and their family members to wish them a happy birthday is a great way to stay in touch. If there’s a milestone birthday, like 16 for a new driver, you’ll know when to mention extending policy protection.

Reduce administrative burdens

Our automated solutions ensure you never miss the opportunity to say happy birthday or wish them a happy anniversary, helping you be there for your clients when it means the most to them.

Very good program and the clients love getting the Hallmark cards.

User feedback
State Farm Birthday Mailer
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Save an average of 8 hours a month.

SOURCE: Hallmark Consumer Data

Leverage step-by-step directions to create your mass mailing monthly. It's as simple as uploading your list and checking it twice.

We trigger mailings based on your clients’ birthdays, so you have new Hallmark cards with your personal message mailed to them just in time each year.

We can make monthly mailings more efficient by automating the process of collecting your list, personalizing cards with your handwritten message, and addressing, stamping and mailing them for you.

Hallmark solutions are here to help.

Break Through

Hallmark cards are opened, read, understood and acted upon better than other marketing formats. Think about it. When was the last time you didn’t open a Hallmark card you received?

STAT 64 percent

64% of people say greeting cards make them feel special (vs. 15% for emails and 5% for texts).

source: USPS mail data


Hallmark can help you elevate customer experiences in powerful ways with Care, a solution that empowers CSRs to send personalized Hallmark cards to individual customers or prospects right after they interact with them.

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42% of customers don’t fully trust their insurer, and most insurers (60%) agree that their organization lacks a CX strategy.

source: IBM Institute of Business Value (IBV)


Our Connect solution is robust, providing your company personalized products that cater to your business relationships along with bulk buying discounts, marketing support, and strategic collaboration end to end.

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My favorite things about ordering from the card program are the ease of access and the ability to find just what I need.

Brands like these appreciate the power of a Hallmark card.

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