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Leverage the power of the Hallmark brand, backed by our innovative Connect solution, to help your employees build more and better relationships with your customers. We can provide your company personalized products that cater to your business relationships, along with bulk buying discounts, marketing support, and strategic collaboration end to end.

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Connect is designed with your business outcomes in mind.

Whether you pick our off-the-shelf solution or a completely custom one, we bring you a suite of unique capabilities that will greatly benefit your business relationship-building toolkit.

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Curated Product Catalog

Our offering features more than 500 Hallmark greeting cards, thousands of crafted messages, and client gifts under $10. Plus, you can have real Hallmark artists and writers develop completely custom products for your business, incorporating your logo and brand style.

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Cultural Relevance

Deepen relationships with your customers by celebrating the diversity and cultural traditions that mean the most to them. We curate greeting cards, messages and reminders of celebrations that resonate with diverse audiences.

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Real Handwriting

We’ve created proprietary technology that allows us to digitize anyone’s unique handwriting to use in repeatable mass mailings. Or you can choose from our library of custom handwriting fonts. Our fonts are so authentic that card recipients swear it's handwritten.

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Collective Buying Power

Have access to greater discounted rates by centralizing greeting card usage across all your locations.

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Branded Site

By using your logo and brand colors, your Connect hub will feel like an extension of your business. We can also customize the site navigation and content to help users understand how best to use the products.

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Data Integrations

We make it easy to update your employee data with integrations around single sign-on and user management. We can also integrate your CRM tool to automate customer data flows and make card sending even easier.

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User Management

Define user roles and permissions, giving access to only those you want. With free unlimited users, we make it easy and affordable for your teams to send Hallmark products to build relationships that have the most impact on your business.

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Robust Reporting

See how much impact sending cards can have on your business. We make it easy to track the number of cards sent, which team members are sending cards and the top products being sent.

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Training & Support

We’ll help guide users and admins through the features and functions of your company’s site. And our customer service and account teams are always here to provide support.

Find the level that best suits your needs.

As low as $0 setup, $0 monthly fees and significant savings on our full product lineup.*

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All programs are built using the latest Salesforce Commerce Cloud technology that we have customized and improved to bring a best-in-class experience to you. Connect includes a robust set of features, such as unique personalization and customization functionality, address list uploading, and Salesforce's AI-driven product search engine.

Hallmark Business Connections is SOC Type 2 certified.


Setup: $0

Annual: $0

No configuration changes

Discounted from list prices


Setup: $5,000 and up

Annual: $10,000 and up

Dedicated site

Pricing negotiated based on volume


Setup: $15,000 and up

Annual: $50,000 and up

Dedicated site

Pricing negotiated based on volume

Unify messaging across your business while increasing emotional impact.

Connect was designed to give your company an easy way to develop heartfelt, personalized relationships with your customers while maintaining control of your brand messaging and saving your company money through bulk discounts and collective buying power.

STAT 82 percent

82% of Hallmark card recipients report improved brand perception of the companies that send cards.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

Financial Services

Advisors use our products to build long-term trust and loyalty with clients, helping offset the emotional rollercoaster fluctuating markets can create.

Insurance Providers

Agents use our products to celebrate big life events with customers and express their appreciation, which helps to increase retention rates.

16 Percent Increase Purple Icon

Agents who use Hallmark cards alongside other marketing campaigns retain 16% more customers than those who do not.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

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