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Leverage Hallmark’s brand equity, creativity and emotional intelligence expertise to deliver meaningful direct mail touchpoints that deepen customer loyalty and drive engagement.

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Let us go to work for you.

Unlike other marketing tactics, which are largely ignored, Hallmark cards break through the clutter consistently. They are opened, read, understood, and acted upon better than other mediums. Think about it. When was the last time you didn’t open a Hallmark card you received?

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Better ROI

Maximize your customer engagement marketing dollars and drive returns as high as 38 to 1 with a Hallmark greeting card. You’ll improve customer satisfaction, increase retention, deepen brand loyalty and can even generate social media advocacy.

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Real Handwriting

We’ve created proprietary technology that allows us to digitize anyone’s unique handwriting to use in repeatable mass mailings. Or you can choose from our library of custom handwriting fonts. Our fonts are so authentic, card recipients swear it was handwritten by the sender.

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Custom Creative

You’ll work directly with a team of Hallmark creative strategists, designers and writers who are masters at conveying your brand message in a Hallmark card that connects with your target audience emotionally.

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Pre-Sorted Mailing Discounts

Hallmark’s mailing expertise and close relationship with the United States Post Office affords us a strong knowledge base. We help manage in-home schedules, downstream logistics and Marketing Mail efficiencies that include commingle services and carrier-route insertion to maximize your marketing dollars.

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Translation Services

Hallmark can deliver your messages in over 50 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian and Arabic. Receiving a card in the language your customer speaks at home will be a wonderful surprise that deepens their loyalty.

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Cohesive End-To-End Partners

From start to finish, your Hallmark team will be your care champions. We lead you through the creative process, handle printing and manage all aspects of personalization services, including list handling, data processing, quality control and mail logistics, to save you time and money.

Why Hallmark?

We know what you may be thinking. Greeting cards are too expensive, especially Hallmark cards. Or, perhaps you’re thinking you can achieve the same results by sending greeting cards designed by your own creative team. Before you dismiss this Break Through opportunity for your business, take a look at the value we bring and the surprisingly affordable cost.

Break Through Plan Chart


Quantity: Less than 7,500 per mailing

Per card: As low as $1.08 + postage


Quantity: Greater than 7,500 per mailing

Per card: As low as $0.55 per touchpoint

Direct mail that breaks through.

Whether you want to build your customer base, drive sales, deepen customer loyalty or all of the above, Hallmark makes it easy to create and customize direct mail campaigns that generate reactions, responses and measurable results.

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Hallmark cards generate 22% more leads than established control packages.

SOURCE: Client-reported Results

Health Plans

Hallmark cards are proven to help close gaps, increase quality scores and improve member satisfaction.


Stand out from crowded email inboxes and boring business mail formats while fostering loyalty and increasing ROI with your critical audiences.

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2x revenue compared to other direct mail formats

SOURCE: Client-reported Results

"Customers who like their sales rep are 12 times more likely to purchase."

Ken Dooley, "How Emotional Intelligence Impacts the Way You Sell to Customers", Dooley


Leverage Hallmark cards to build more personal connections with your policy holders. Bonus: Acknowledge your customers during big life changes to help drive incremental business and loyalty.

Financial Services

How do you build financial wellbeing? Care for your client relationships as much as you do their portfolios.

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Customers acquired from the Hallmark program have an average loan value 30% higher than leads from the control package.

SOURCE: Client-reported Results

One of the most impactful campaigns so far.

HBC Client

Utility Providers

Share a message of appreciation with customers to humanize your brand and increase customer satisfaction.

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