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Thank you. I’ve never had anybody do this for me. You sent me a cheery card. I was so touched by that, I told everybody at work.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Using Empathy to Create Great Customer Experiences

Perhaps that magic bullet that all marketers seek is as simple as this common sense idea: Thoughtfully planned empathy infused into the marketing experience.
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Just Because Cards FAQ

How should I use just because greeting cards to grow my business?

Use Case #1: Surprise and Delight Your Customers Everyone likes to get mail, and nothing beats getting a Hallmark card! Some cards are more unusual than others. People love getting a birthday cardcustomer appreciation card or holiday card, but what they won’t expect is a “just because” card. Sometimes all you need is the right business greeting card to say, “hello,” and you’ll create a surprise and delight moment. You can even say, “hello” in Spanish.

Use Case #2: Make Your Workplace Fun and Build Employee Engagement

Let’s not forget the impact a greeting card can have on employees. And although they may anticipate a birthday card or work anniversary card from their employer, they won’t expect a workplace just because card. It’s these little moments that can make the biggest impression and leave your employees smiling. Our curated collection of Just Because cards give you a wide variety of designs to choose from, no matter what your sending occasion may be.

Use Case #3: Put More Care in the World by Improving Social Isolation, Depression and Loneliness

The Hallmark Business Connections collection of Just Because and encouragement cards can break the monotony for those who live alone, are in quarantine or are isolated from friends and family. It’s amazing what a Hallmark greeting card can do to brighten a day and make someone feel less alone.

Use Case #4: Keep Blank Greeting Cards on Hand

Just Because cards are very versatile and can be used whenever you need a greeting card. Happy occasions, sad moments and everything in between can be handled with a Just Because card. Consider ordering our blank greeting cards in bulk for this purpose. If you’re looking for more general use greeting cards, we provide an array of other business greetings, too! Shop our most popular categories, including professional birthday cardsemployee appreciation cardscustomer appreciation cardsbusiness thank you cards and much more.