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We offer unique product solutions that help businesses infuse more care into their relationships with customers, helping them to achieve critical business results.

Break Through Direct Mail Marketing

We know what you may be thinking. Greeting cards are too expensive, especially Hallmark cards. Or, perhaps you’re thinking you can achieve the same results by sending greeting cards designed by your own creative team. Before you dismiss this Break Through opportunity for your business, take a look at the value we bring and the surprisingly affordable cost.

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Leverage the power of the Hallmark brand, backed by our innovative Connect solution, to help your employees build more and better relationships with your customers. We can provide your company personalized products that cater to your business relationships, along with bulk-buying discounts, marketing support and strategic collaboration end to end.

Whether you pick our off-the-shelf solution or a completely custom one, we bring you a suite of unique capabilities that will greatly benefit your business relationship-building toolkit.

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With our Care solution, we enable easy, one-to-one greeting card sending in the moment to strengthen and extend connections between your customers and frontline employees. This solution was designed to easily fit in your customer experience team's workflow with the ability to send heartfelt cards in under a minute to customers that need them most.

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Dig into our industry expertise.

Our teams at Hallmark have developed deep understanding of relationship building in several industries. Take a look at the kinds of business problems we help our clients solve.

Brands like these appreciate the power of a Hallmark card.

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Real stories. Real clients. Real results.

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