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Employee Appreciation Day 2024 is Friday, March 1

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STAT 76 percent

Regular acts of appreciation can increase employees’ confidence in the company vision and leadership by 76%.

SOURCE: Harvard Business Review

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A Guide to Employee Appreciation Cards

What's the difference between a thank you card for employees and an employee appreciation card?

Both can be used quite effectively for employee engagement and are often interchangeable. Think of it like this: If you want to thank an employee for a specific accomplishment, use a business thank you card. If you want to let them know how much you appreciate everything they do, use an employee appreciation card. If your employees are in roles where providing care to others is essential to their job, be sure to check out our cards created especially for caring hearts.

When should I give an employee appreciation card to have the most impact?

You should plan for both scheduled and ad hoc business occasions. Many companies use cards for Employee Appreciation Day and holidays that are ripe for expressing gratitude, like Thanksgiving. Then they keep a supply of assorted appreciation cards on hand to use as they notice exceptional employee behaviors and team successes.

What about cards for people who aren't necessarily employees, but make a meaningful contribution like association members, volunteers and workers from a staffing agency?

You'll find that the majority of Hallmark Business Connections' appreciation cards will be perfect for volunteer appreciation, member appreciation and work associates of all types including temporary staffing, consultants and contract workers.