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What to Write in a Retirement Card: 20 Ideas

Whether you are sending a card to a client or colleague, here are 20 ideas for what to write in a retirement greeting card.
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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Retirement Cards

What types of companies buy bulk retirement cards?
In some industries and companies, retirement greetings become part of their culture as a way of saying goodbye to a retiring employee. School districts often use retirement greeting cards to express their appreciation to retiring teachers. Local, federal and state governments also have a tradition of giving retirement cards and throwing a celebration. Also, in professions like law firms, wealth management, insurance and other services, it is customary to send retirement cards to clients.

How do I know what type of retirement card to buy?
For most people, a heartfelt, sincere card is most appropriate. Retiring can be quite emotional for both the retiree and the card giver. For some businesses, specifically, those companies giving cards to clients, funny retirement cards may not only be appropriate, but help strengthen the relationship.

What if I only need a few retirement cards to keep on hand?
Look at the assorted workplace milestones cards, or for a richer assortment of cards, consider the agents and advisors assortment pack that includes 15 different card types and just a few retirement cards.