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25 Simple Messages That Show Clients & Employees You Care

We’ve outlined ideas for personal messages to help connect with those important people in your work world—your customers and employees.
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Business Congratulations Cards Work for More than Just Employees and Customers

What are corporate congratulations cards good for?

It’s a good idea to keep congratulations cards on hand for spontaneous moments where you need to send a congrats card to a customer or give one to an employee. Whether you’re celebrating an employee promotion or congratulating a customer on launching a new product, congratulations cards work for business occasions too.  Celebrating life moments big and small also make good reasons to maintain a stockpile of congratulations cards for businesses.

Besides employees and customers, what are other unique ways to use business congratulations cards?

Hallmark Business Connections congratulations cards are perfect for situations where bulk greeting cards are needed:

  • Graduations: Using our “Make It Easy” personalization services, school administrators, teachers and churches can send graduation cards to graduating seniors or middle schoolers. Our “taco card” is a favorite for preschool and grade school student graduates.

  • Fundraising: Send volunteers a congratulations card after a successful event or meeting a fundraising goal for a nonprofit organization.

  • Great performances: Whether it’s a theater, academic or athletic accomplishment, congratulations cards can be a rewarding experience for large groups.

Can I customize corporate congratulations cards?

Yes, Hallmark Business Connections allows you to customize corporate congratulations cards with your company logo.  Show employees you care with a personal message with your own handwriting or use one of Hallmark Business Connections handwriting fonts.