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Connecting with your customers in personal, emotional ways is a unique superpower of ours. We’re Hallmark, after all. Tap into our wealth of experience and creativity to drive loyalty and increase engagement through the power of a Hallmark card.

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Want relationships that grow and last? Hallmark can help.

Improve loyalty and brand affinity

Leverage our know-how in relationship building and direct mail marketing while providing your customers the ultimate customer care experience. When a customer feels more emotionally connected to a brand, they are more likely to stay.

10 Percent Increase Icon

A national retail chain gained 10 percentage points in customer retention rates when Hallmark cards were sent to customers consistently over a 5-year timeframe.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
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STAT up to 25 percent

Clients report up to 25% higher customer satisfaction with Hallmark card recipients.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

Brand loyalty and advocacy are not given, they’re earned. We proactively help you reach customers in ways that deepen their connection with you over time.

Send a bold birthday message to your customers celebrating their “big day.” It will acknowledge them in a meaningful way and drive brand loyalty.

Your customers want to feel important to your business. There’s no better way to make that feeling tangible than sending them a heartfelt thanks in a Hallmark card.

Enhance digital engagements

Make sure your message is getting heard. Most digital messages reach 1% of their audience compared to 91% with a Hallmark card. Our products have even been known to create social advocacy for our clients. Who doesn’t love that?

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45,000+ unique clicks or scans in a two-month span from a QR code and shortened link inside of a greeting card.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
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50 Percent Increase Icon

An online retailer improved its Return on Ad Spend by 50% by using Hallmark cards.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

Including an easy way your customer can connect with you online helps drive engagement beyond the card experience. Consider using shortened URLs, vanity URLs or QR codes to track direct response results.

Incorporate your marketing message on an insert tucked inside the card. It makes offers feel like gifts and announcements feel like something worth keeping.

Our clients often see increases in conversion, lift, and average order values when offers are mailed in Hallmark cards. We have seen up to a 38:1 ROI.

Win customers back

Acquiring new customers costs more than retaining existing ones. Put Hallmark cards to work to make sure your lapsed customers get your message in a way they will respond to and appreciate.

STAT 60 percent

60% increase over control format.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
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Hallmark cards outperform the company's best-performing direct mail piece.

SOURCE: Client-Reported Results

Greeting card are perceived differently, especially Hallmark cards. They signal to the customer that this brand cares about them and that they have a relationship with the company.

Show your appreciation and concern for your customers by sharing how much they mean to you and your business. A thoughtful message can go a long way in winning them over.

When put up against our client’s existing controls, it is quite common to see Hallmark cards deliver higher response and ROI rates. That is especially true when compared to letters mailed in #10 envelopes.

Increase renewal sign-ups

It’s that time again! You know, time to get your customers to renew their sign-ups. Hallmark cards are a great way to make your member or customer feel cared for in a way that is hard to achieve through other mass marketing communications.

22 Percent Purple Icon

A specialty retailer gets 22% better performance with Hallmark cards over their previous best-performing mail format.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
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Costco sent me a Hallmark card because it’s time to renew my membership and it’s about time all my other various memberships step up their game.

@LaceyPietro, Twitter

Encourage customers to not only renew but also explore more of your product offering. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade!

Send a Hallmark card with a message of appreciation a little before their renewal date. Include an insert with a helpful summary of the benefits they’ll continue to enjoy upon renewing. 

Results like these happen more than you might think when using a Hallmark card. We’ve even had customers send another card or note back to the company with a message of thanks. 

Drive additional trips to stores

Invite your customers in to check out new products or attend a special event. When that invite is in a Hallmark card, they’re happy to display it so they don’t forget.

20 Percent Increase Icon

20% increase in year-over-year dollar amount for individual average transactions.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
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STAT 18 percent increase

18% increase over normal response rates when delivered in a Hallmark card.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

When sent a birthday card with a special offer not only did in store traffic increase, but so did the average order amount.

Make your customers feel valued and special by inviting them to VIP events or sneak peeks and allowing them to enjoy exclusive offers.

Use a multi-faceted approach, leading with a greeting card and following up with your digital channels to move the needle and encourage higher response rates. 

Hallmark solutions are here to help.

Break Through

Marketers who want to break through with customers to drive engagement use Hallmark cards to get their message opened, read, understood and acted upon better than other marketing tactics.

STAT 64 percent

64% of people say greeting cards make them feel special (vs. 15% for emails and 5% for texts).

source: USPS mail data


Hallmark provides a customer care program designed for retailers, making it possible for CSRs to send personalized Hallmark cards to individual customers or prospects right after they interact with them.

ICON 7 out of 10

7/10 consumers would spend more at companies with excellent customer service.

source: American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer

Brands like these appreciate the power of a Hallmark card.

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