Hallmark has solutions for health plans.

Hallmark cards are proven to help increase STARS, HEDIS, CAHPS and HOS quality scores, while also improving member satisfaction scores (NPS) and member retention rates.

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Want relationships that grow and last? Hallmark can help.

Increase Retention during Open Election Period

Hallmark cards have been proven to combat rapid disenrollment during OEP when sent at just the right time with a thoughtful message.

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Competition has doubled in 6 years. The average Medicare beneficiary has access to 33 Medicare Advantage plans in 2021.

SOURCE: KFF Kaiser Family Foundation Analysis of CMS'S Landscape Files for 2010-2021
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75% of card recipients feel more connected to health plans that send Hallmark cards.

SOURCE: Client-reported Results

Medicare Advantage members are bombarded with competitive marketing. It's important to humanize your health plan to deter members from switching.

Engaging with members in early January enhances the way members feel about their health plan, resulting in improved loyalty and retention.

According to card recipients, they prefer a Hallmark card over other greeting card brands, making us the perfect fit for your campaigns.

Increase CAHPS Scores

Leverage that “feel good” feeling of receiving a Hallmark card to make a meaningful connection with your members and increase your survey results.

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89% of Hallmark card recipients give the highest satisfaction rating on surveys.

SOURCE: Health Plan-reported results
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76% of members who received carrier outreach are loyal to their plan.

SOURCE: Deft Research

One of our clients that fields 5,000 calls a day reported that 89% of Hallmark card recipients give the highest satisfaction rating on surveys.

Enrich member experience by delivering Hallmark cards in February before the CAHPS surveys begin. Hallmark cards are proven to cause your members to feel appreciated and evoke positive feelings about their health plan. You can also include an insert with information to help members get the most out of their plan.

Whether it was contact through chatting with Customer Service, direct mail or email notifications, Medicare Advantage members value communication from their insurer that is consistent and easy to understand.

Show you care with HOS Preconditioning

Encourage your members to take advantage of their health plan while delivering helpful information.

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25% increase in member satisfaction scores

SOURCE: Health Plan-reported results
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71% of high utilizers are considered to be loyal to their health plan where 61% of low utilizers are considered to be loyal.

SOURCE: Deft Research

Sending a Hallmark card at the right time can make a memorable impression and increase your plans survey results.

See your Healthy Outcome Survey results positively rise by timing the perfect greeting card with a "take care of your health" message around fall prevention, urinary incontinence and staying physically active.

Low utilizers tend to be less trustful of health authorities and health information, while also at higher risk of attrition. Supporting members to obtain the care they need is a win-win for members and insurers.

Optimize lead generation and lead nurturing during Annual Election Period

Acquire and retain members using a Hallmark card that will be opened and acted upon differently than other direct mail formats.

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A health plan provider was able to get as much as 44% of their recipients to complete a healthy action with a Hallmark card.

SOURCE: Health Plan-provided Results
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95% of Hallmark cards get opened versus 35% of other direct mail formats.

SOURCE: Hallmark Consumer Insights Study

While direct mail overall has a higher response rate than digital, Hallmark cards have consistently outperformed controls to drive more leads.

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to share a message of gratitude to help push the needle a little further during re-enrollment timeframes.

Direct mail has a higher open rate than digital mediums. Hallmark cards have a dramatically higher open rate than most direct mail, getting your content the views and responses your business needs.

Hallmark has solutions for health plans.

Break Through

Hallmark cards generate emotional responses that lead to higher member satisfaction. And, clients tell us that responses from Hallmark cards convert higher than other media.

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Hallmark cards generate 22% more leads than established control packages.

source: Client-reported Results


Hallmark has a member care service designed for health plans, making it possible for agents to send personalized Hallmark cards to individual members or prospects right after they interact with them.

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89% of Hallmark card recipients give the highest satisfaction rating on surveys.

source: Health Plan-reported results

Brands like these appreciate the power of a Hallmark card.

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