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I know you are busy, but I want to say something about you guys.  I really appreciate your kindness to me…. I appreciated the card so much.

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How to Write a Heartfelt Pet Sympathy Card

If you’ve ever adopted a pet, you know the deep, emotional attachment that comes along with it. Learn what to include in a pet sympathy card.
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Pet Parent with Pet

Why Life-Event Marketing Should Be Part of Every Veterinary Marketing Plan

Few veterinary practices celebrate or recognize pet life events — birthdays, anniversaries and sorrowful occasions, for example. These are missed opportunities to do something incredibly touching for your clients. By celebrating the life events and milestones of pets, veterinary teams can increase c…
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Pet Sympathy Cards FAQ

Why should I consider sending pet sympathy cards?

The day-to-day companionship of a pet makes them an essential part of our families and social structure. Having a pet pass away or cross the rainbow bridge changes the daily routine significantly. The loss is highly noticeable—especially for an animal that was typically by our side all day—and can be devastating to the pet parent or pet owner. When you express condolences for a lost pet by giving a pet sympathy card, you show that you understand the magnitude of the pet loss and that you care about the person individually and uniquely.

Should I give a condolence card for the loss of a pet to employees?

When an employee loses a pet, it can be difficult to know what to do. As pets have become generally accepted as family members, the decision to do something to express your sympathy has become easier. Sending a pet sympathy greeting card, or even a memorial plant or donation in honor of a pet, is widely accepted today as common practice. In the workplace giving a pet sympathy card to an employee or colleague is quick, easy and simple. Plan ahead by keeping pet condolence cards on hand, just like you do for general sympathy cards.

When should I give pet sympathy greeting cards to clients or customers?

There are certain businesses, such as veterinarians, pet grooming, dog walking or pet care, where sending “so sorry for the loss of your pet” cards can and should be, a common practice. In other industries, including wealth managementfinancial services, pet insurance and others, it’s good practice to keep detailed knowledge about clients’ pets and should be considered part of building a strong business partnership.

Developing relationships with pet owners requires planning to treat your clients’ pets as family members. Be prepared to send business greeting cards at the appropriate times through pet life event marketing, including:

And don’t forget to use a greeting card featuring pets to say, “thank you for your referral.”