Donation Thank You Cards & Volunteer Appreciation Cards

Say thank you to those that support your organization through monetary donations and volunteer their time to make your organization succeed.

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Here’s How to Show Your Customers and Employees You Care Enough

Sprint partnered with Hallmark Business Connections to create a branded card for a customer thank you campaign.
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Case Study

Hallmark Cards Are a Double Win for Marketing ROI

Test a Hallmark business greeting card against any top-performing mail tactic you’re currently using. Most likely, Hallmark cards will be opened, read, understood and acted upon better than your existing solution.
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10 Best Practices When Sending Birthday Cards to Employees

Remember the time you found just the right card for a family member’s birthday? Or how great you felt when you were able to find just the right words to say to a loved one in their birthday card? Just as you’d make it a priority to send birthday wishes to your friends and family, it’s important to …
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