Birthday Cards for Customers and Clients

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38 Results


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$2.25 | As low as $1.42
$2.25 | As low as $1.42
$2.25 | As low as $1.42
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
STAT 10 percent increase yellow

Sending a Hallmark birthday card boosts customer loyalty by 10%.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Send Customer Birthday Cards

Customer birthday cards present a valuable opportunity for your business to recognize customers personally. Consider sending real, paper Hallmark birthday cards—it will generate a big impact on your customers and your business.
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FAQs about Birthday Cards for Customers and Clients

How do I choose a customer or client birthday card?

Selecting a customer birthday card seems like it shouldn’t be difficult, but when you are buying bulk birthday cards for clients, you want to make sure the card is appropriate and something that will make an impact. Here are two quick questions to ask yourself to help make the right selection.

What is the right tone?

When buying bulk birthday cards, many businesses think they want a funny birthday card. This works well for most, but for those in industries where they are selecting a birthday card for business clients such as wealth management or financial services, a more conservative, straightforward approach is often preferred. Consider how you want your customers to perceive you when they receive the card. If it is important that you appear highly professional, an elegant birthday card is a right choice.

Should the card resemble your company’s brand or include your logo?

If you need a client birthday card that reflects your company or personal brand identity, a customizable birthday card is right for you. There are options to add photos, your company name, logos or even add your own designed cover art.