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The Magical Powers of the Words "Happy Work Anniversary"

What is an employee work anniversary?

A work anniversary is the calendar date of an employee's first day on the job with your company.

Why should you care about work anniversaries?

The date an employee started with your company is a date they will never forget. When you recognize that date and the contributions the employee is making to your business, it makes the employee feel special and unique—like they truly belong at your company.

How do I get the most impact from employee anniversary cards?

Some businesses celebrate milestone employee anniversaries by sending a 1-year work anniversary card, a 5-year work anniversary card, a 10-year work anniversary card or even a 20-year work anniversary card. Hallmark even has cards to celebrate 15- and 25-year work anniversaries, too! To get the most impact, write a thoughtful message in the card every year. Similar to recognizing employee birthdays, remembering an employee's work anniversary is personal, meaningful and something they will treasure about working for your business.