Hallmark has solutions for Utility Providers

Moving through calls efficiently and effectively is difficult for any call center, especially when CSRs are bombarded with concerned, confused and sometimes irate customers each day. Hallmark is here to empower your frontline employees with a tool that extends empathy and makes customers feel valued.

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Want relationships that grow and last? Hallmark can help.

Improve customer experience and CSAT scores

Leverage the power of the Hallmark brand and put our relationship know-how to work for you to increase customer satisfaction scores, even when challenges arise.

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81% of Hallmark card recipients gave the highest approval rating possible compared to 76% given by those not receiving a card.

SOURCE: Evergy
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You didn’t just send me some corporate junk mail. You took the time to send me a Hallmark card!

Client Feedback

According to our HBC Quantitative Consumer Direct Marketing Communications Study, 72% of consumers prefer Hallmark greeting cards over other greeting cards. 

It may seem like a burden to add one more thing to do while taking calls and being timed. However, our 1-1 sending platform makes it easy to make a big impact in under 1 minute.

Hallmark cards are perceived differently than other direct mail formats. By sending a Hallmark card you are showing how much you care for each of your customers.

Engage and empower call center representatives

Conversations can often feel heavy and out of an employee’s control, leaving them with feelings of helplessness. Empower them to make a difference in your customers lives as well as their own. 

STAT 94 percent

94% of employees say sending Hallmark cards to customers gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

The difference in employee engagement is amazing. We could feel a positive change in our culture from the first day we started using the Hallmark program.

John Racine, Alma Call Center Manager
STAT 87 percent

87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. This leads to negative customer experiences over time.

SOURCE: Gallup

When employees are enabled to send Hallmark cards it changes the dynamic of the work environment, often increasing employee morale.

Our clients notice an immediate impact in how engaged employees are and how excited they are to surprise and delight customers.

Taking care of your employee’s emotional well-being has a direct effect on how they treat and engage with your customers.

Hallmark solutions are here to help.


Hallmark has a customer care program for utility providers, making it possible for call center representatives to send personalized Hallmark cards to individual customers right after they interact with them.

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We are hearing from our customer service team that customers are receiving our Hallmark cards and expressing their gratitude on many inbound calls. Big thanks to the Hallmark team for making it so easy to work with, in this effort.

Break Through

When you want customers to see important announcements about service changes or features like going paperless or using flat-rate billing, our Break Through direct mail solution can help your message get opened, read, understood and acted upon better than other marketing tactics.

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95% of Hallmark cards get opened versus 35% of other direct mail formats.

source: Hallmark Consumer Insights Study

Brands like these appreciate the power of a Hallmark card.

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Real Clients. Real Results.

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