Workplace Safety Cards

As part of your company’s commitment to sanitation and safety in the workplace, it’s crucial to recognize staff who go the extra mile to follow workplace protocol, including cleanliness, preventive health measures and cybersecurity. 

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25 Safety Recognition Greeting Card Messages for Employees to Make Card-Sending Easy

It is more important than ever to recognize safety in the workplace. From proper sanitization and avoiding accidents to potential worker’s compensation issues, it’s crucial to acknowledge employees who demonstrate safe behaviors on the job.
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Everything You Need to Know about Workplace Safety Cards

Why should I send workplace safety cards?

A safety message from leaders signifies the importance of workplace safety to employees. Giving safety awards, recognizing jobs well done in workplace sanitization and security, and staying healthy on the job should not be overlooked by businesses. Engaging the hearts and minds of workers is especially important when it comes to worksite safety.

When do companies send safety greeting cards to employees?

In today’s environment, safe and secure work environments are essential to the success of businesses. Rewarding and motivating employees to adopt and practice health and safety protocols is part of figuring out the science of human behavior. Hallmark is here to help! Here are some ideas for when to give workplace safety cards to employees:

  • Safety milestones, like records for the number of days without a loss time accident, are a perfect time to surprise staff with a greeting card that focuses on safety.

  • When employees are not physically together for an announcement or celebration. Hallmark’s safety cards are great for mailing to employees’ homes. It extends the celebration to their family and friends, soliciting unintended support for their employment and your business.

  • With a personal message from a leader or executive, workplace safety cards are the perfect wrapping for a gift card or announcement of a reward. A Hallmark business greeting card can really boost the feelings created by receiving a safety award.

  • Greeting cards are perfect for conveying safety messages at work, especially when there isn’t a monetary award. Hallmark cards carry an emotional impact that other communication forms don’t, making safety greeting cards a way to motivate without breaking your budget.

What are some workplace safety quotes I can use in safety cards?

  • Congrats on never giving safety a day off.

  • Thank you for always thinking, “Safety first.”

  • Accident-free is where we like to be.

  • Congratulations on a new safety record.

  • You and your safety protocols are essential.

Given our new vigilance on clean and sanitized environments, what are some stay-safe and healthy quotes I can use?

  • Thank you for keeping others safe and healthy on the job.

  • Safe, clean and sanitized—we appreciate you and all you do.

  • Thank you for following our new cleaning and safety protocols and setting a positive example.

  • Thank you for your contributions to our safe and healthy work environment.

  • We appreciate how proactive you are to keep all of us safe and healthy.