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Take care, stay healthy and thanks for your continued commitment to us.

Personal Message from Financial Advisor to Client

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Building Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with the Power of Hallmark Cards

Whether in the form of an appreciation message, a word of encouragement, a condolence or even an apology, employees can engage and truly connect with customers.
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Everything You Need to Know about Encouragement Cards

What should I say in a business encouragement card to share a message of encouragement for employees?

Hallmark Business Connections offers a range of encouragement cards to show support for clients, customers and employees. A business encouragement card can be used to show how you care and to let someone know “I’m thinking of you.” We can help you figure out what to say or what to write to provide encouragement with your choice of inside message. Hallmark Business Connections encouragement cards can help you express encouragement for work, including messages such as "here for you," “we’re all in this together,” “thinking of you” and “you matter."

Can I personalize cards for work encouragement to show that I care?

Yes, you can show support for employees going through difficult times using a greeting card that can be customized with a personal message in a handwritten font. 

When should a business send encouragement cards?

Business encouragement cards can be used to offer encouragement for employees or customers that provides inspiration and hope for better times. Encouragement cards also can be used for employees or patients going through cancer treatment or who are coping with a long-term illness.