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39 Results


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$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
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$2.25 | As low as $1.42
$2.25 | As low as $1.42
STAT 24 percent

Only 24% of marketers are running a life event targeting campaign.

SOURCE: Royal Mail Data Services
16% Stat

Those who send Hallmark birthday cards, alongside other campaigns, retain 16% more customers than those who do not.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

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Case Study

A Beginner's Guide To Life Event Marketing

Sending greeting cards for life events connects you with your customers, employees and prospects at times when something momentous is happening in their lives.
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5 Great Examples of Life Event Marketing Your Company Can Try Today

Memorable moments create opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers in new, highly effective ways by bringing forward the human side of their companies. This is what we call “life event marketing.”
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What’s the Difference between a Life Event and a Work Milestone?

For many of us, our work lives and personal lives blend together. Here at Hallmark, we enjoy celebrating and recognizing all of it!

When looking for specific cards, life events are the more personal moments that happen outside the workplace. Common life event greeting cards include baby, sympathy, wedding, new home, home anniversary, get well soon and encouragement cards.

A workplace milestone is an event or honor related to your job. You also may celebrate some of these work milestones with friends and family. Career changes such as retirement or congratulations on your new job or role (like a big promotion!) are celebrated within a business, but also with friends and family.  In addition, our workplace greeting cards include employee anniversary cards or years-of-service greeting cards to celebrate the number of years someone has been employed at a company.