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Hallmark’s Best Tips on How Businesses Should Apologize to Customers

No company ever plans to make a mistake, error or mishap. The truth of the matter is, it happens.
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Turning an Apology Into Appreciation

Can an apology ever be so good, so sincere, that it transforms a frustrating customer experience into a relationship-building one? Apologies are tricky. The words you say changes the message you convey.
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How to Master Customer Service Recovery

In this guest blog post, Micah Solomon, author and Forbes contributor, gives his point of view on an easy acronym to follow to make apologizing during a service recovery as easy as ARFFD.
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How to Sincerely Apologize to Customers

While apologizing in such a public manner can be intimidating for many companies, admitting imperfection and offering to resolve a situation can mend, and even strengthen, connections with customers.
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Everything You Need to Know about Apology Cards for Business

How should I use apology cards for business?

When business doesn't go as planned, apology cards are just what you need to maintain trust and keep communication lines open. Giving a formal business apology can be a nerve-wracking and emotional experience. Whether you need to say "I'm sorry" for dropping the ball at work or need to send a heartfelt apology to a customer, Hallmark is here to help. After all, we all make mistakes now and then.

Order blanks to keep on hand or you can personalize most of these apology cards. Choose an inside sentiment, add a message and your company name or logo. We have apology cards for any apology situation.

How should I apologize to employees?

It's important to say "I'm sorry" to employees when your organization makes a mistake. However, admitting when you're wrong can be a difficult pill to swallow. Lucky for you, Hallmark makes it a little easier. With our selection of apology greeting cards, you'll find the right words to help you voice just how sorry you are and what you'd like to do to make it better.

How should I apologize to customers?

Here at Hallmark Business Connections, we recommend that a business owns up to a mistake and apologizes for it as soon as possible. When you handle an apology in a mature, considerate manner, your customers will appreciate it and remember how you handled it more than the mistake itself. With our selection of apology cards, you'll find the right words to help you say "We're sorry!" while telling them what steps your organization is taking to make it right.