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You can now shop fresh cut, hand-tied flowers to strengthen relationships with clients and employees.

Festive Cards for Fall

Whether you want to express gratitude or embrace the fun of spooky season, Hallmark cards will help you connect with customers and employees.

Empower your frontline staff!

With Care from Hallmark, your customer service representatives can send greeting cards to extend conversations.

NEW Mail to One service is here!

Personalize a card to send to one recipient and we will mail on your behalf.

NEW Holiday cards are here.

Beat the rush and get in the holiday spirit early by checking card shopping off your list today.

Top Greeting Card Picks for Your Business

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5 Surprising Ways Businesses Use Hallmark Cards to Reach Their Goals

Small business owners, real estate agents, financial advisors, lawyers, marketing professionals. No matter what line of work you’re in, you’re likely looking to find the best way to connect with your customers and clients.
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How to Keep Remote Workers Motivated and Feeling Appreciated Through a Screen

Even if employees enjoy working from home, the reality of not seeing our work friends regularly can have a detrimental impact. Get ideas on how to keep your remote team motivated and appreciated.
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How To Buy Greeting Cards For Your Business

How do I find greeting cards that fit my business?

It can be difficult to find cards that are both professional and have the right words and visuals for a business. It’s why Hallmark Business Connections exists. Our cards are different from the cards created for the consumer market. Business greeting cards contain a mix of business expressions with emotive language that creates true meaning for the card recipient. That means you don’t just say “Happy Holidays,” but,  “I am so happy to have you as a customer at the holidays,” or “Thank you for all you do,” not just “thank you.”

Look for cards that feel like your company in tone and visuals. When in doubt, uplifting and colorful corporate greeting cards are better than neutral.

Are there any special deals if I buy a lot of cards?

You’ll find all our cards have special bulk pricing for businesses, churches, nonprofits, associations and any organization that needs to buy greeting cards in bulk. If you need 7,500 cards or less, you’ll find our best pricing when you buy online. (Minimum order is 25 cards.) If you need thousands or millions of cards, please contact us. 

How can I get the feel of sending a Hallmark card, but also have it represent my company and my brand?

Corporate-branded greeting cards are our specialty at Hallmark Business Connections.  There are many ways to achieve this:

  • Buy online and customize your business greeting card with your logo, company name, coupons, special offers or educational text. By utilizing our photo upload card products, there are literally hundreds of options for easily adding your own marketing content, logo and brand standards.