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Connecting with Customers Through the Feel-Good Power of Empathy

The challenge to differentiate based upon customer experience takes emotional intelligence with a good dose of empathy. Watch our video on how to connect with your customers through the feel-good power of empathy.
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L couple cuddling on couch looking at mobile phone

5 Ways to Create Personal Connections with Your Consumers

Reaching out directly to consumers is the most effective way to nurture a personal connection. There are different ways to develop authentic relationships with customers, but here at Hallmark, we have found that one of the best ways is with a greeting card.
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Why Send Customer Birthday Cards Birthday Image

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Send Customer Birthday Cards

Customer birthday cards present a valuable opportunity for your business to recognize customers personally. Consider sending real, paper Hallmark birthday cards—it will generate a big impact on your customers and your business.
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P 5 employee appreciation cards desk

25 Simple Messages That Show Clients & Employees You Care

We’ve outlined ideas for personal messages to help connect with those important people in your work world—your customers and employees.
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