Automatic Mailings

Create timely touchpoints by personalizing a card with your message and having it automatically printed and mailed each month.

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Automatic Mailings

What you need to know?

  • Cards are mailed first class on the last week of each month.
  • There are no minimum quantity requirements.
  • You'll be notified each month and have the option to make updates before cards are mailed.
  • You may pause or cancel at any time.

Send More Save More

Automatic mailing pricing is based on the card design and the quantity of cards that are mailed each month to your contacts. An order price will be calculated based on the quantity of contacts that are mailed to each month. An order receipt will be emailed to you upon order creation.

Choose a card design from standard up to a premium. Standard plus cards may include premium paper or processes such as foil stamping. Premium cards may include multiple processes and premium paper.

Automatic Mailings Pricing
Per card pricing includes first class USPS postage. Quantity is calculated based on number of cards mailed each month.

Benefits of Automatic Mailings

Avoid Stress

Reach customers or employees on predictable and recurring occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries without having to remember a single date.

Save Time

Set up your card and select mailing lists that you won't have to edit—unless you want to make changes.


What categories of cards are available?

Currently, you can automatically send birthday cards and anniversary cards with Automatic Mailings.

How are Automatic Mailings billed?

Hallmark's automated mailing services are charged each month to the card saved on file based on the number of records being mailed.