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25 Results



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$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15

When it comes to customer appreciation, we only use Hallmark cards. After a year, we stopped testing other formats against it. Nothing came close to working as well.

Fortune 500 Consumer Services Client

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The Best Customer Experience Tip: Think About Customers as Individuals

As a leader in customer experience, Hallmark is always looking for ways to better connect with our customers. But at the end of the day, nothing can connect to a fellow human being like another human being.
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Everything You Need to Know about Customer Appreciation Cards

Sending thank you notes for customer appreciation sounds great, but when should you send the cards?

That’s a great question. Here are some best practices for sending customer appreciation greeting cards:

  • Create a customer appreciation day that is specific to your business. Send Hallmark appreciation cards with a special offer.

  • Have customer service associates and sales executives send appreciation cards after interactions with customers. That way the card can be signed by a real person from your company who had a real interaction with that customer.

  • Counter customer attrition by mailing customer appreciation cards 6-8 weeks prior to the timeframe that customers tend to move to a competitor. It lets customers know just how much you value them.

  • Think of what your customers need to hear:

    • About your customer loyalty programs

    • A thank you for the referral

    • Thanks for being a member of your association

    • How much you appreciate them in their preferred language— Cards in Spanish