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39 Results



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$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15
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75% of card recipients report feeling more connected to a business that sends Hallmark cards.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

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How to Choose an Executive Holiday Card

What’s the difference between a holiday card and an executive holiday card?

While all Hallmark Business Connections greeting cards meet or exceed our high standards, there are times when you want to go the extra mile with the choice of your holiday greeting card. And when that’s the case, we’ve got exactly what you need in our Hallmark premium holiday cards. These cards not only convey appreciation and holiday wishes but make a personal statement through design style, texture, premium paper and card embellishments.

Look for exceptional design, illustration and artistry put together with card embellishments.

For the savvy executive greeting card buyer looking for exceptional design, illustration and artistry put together with card embellishments, such as foil, bronze, embossing and glitter, our collection of executive holiday cards is the perfect fit. Some of our most trendy, stunning cards are those that include an intricate laser-cut paper overlay. 

I’m selecting a card for an important person in my company. How do I make sure I select the right card?

Executive Christmas cards or premium holiday cards are the preferred collection for executive assistants picking a card for their bosses. Most cards can be easily viewed and selected by scrolling through the photos. If you need photos to share before making a final selection, utilize the “share” feature to easily email images. Also, since these are trendy, innovative design styles, feel free to request sample cards to review. You’ll find this option under the card image after selecting a card to view.

If you need personalization such as adding a family or team photo, company name or logo or other design elements, be sure to check out our customizable holiday greeting cards. Many of these cards also include embellishments within the customization options.