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What to Write in a Retirement Card: 20 Ideas

Daryl Forkell
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Retirement marks a major moment in our lives, and it should be recognized in the workplace. However, when getting ready to connect over this milestone keep in mind that people retire for a variety of reasons, so there’s no one-size-fits-all message. 

When you’re thinking about an appropriate way to recognize the retirement of a friend, coworker or client, start by taking into account why they’re retiring. Once you consider the “why,” a sincere and thoughtful retirement card message is much easier to craft. 

Retirement by choice. Your employee, coworker, friend or client has put in years of service and can afford to retire, or he or she has accepted an early retirement package as part of a company downsizing. Be sure to consider the emotional nuances of both scenarios, but in both cases, the person is likely to be moving on to other things they want to do. They are likely looking forward to such pursuits as hobbies, volunteer activities, traveling, family time or other career interests.

Retirement due to other circumstances. Other reasons someone may be retiring include mandatory retirement age ceilings or union retirement eligibility after 20 years on the job. In the latter case, you may have someone who is relatively young changing careers or finding another way to use their skillset. Finally, it’s also not uncommon for someone to retire to address their own health concerns or those of family members. But regardless of the circumstances, retirement is an important milestone to commemorate.

20 Ideas for What to Write in a Retirement Card

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to say, and retirement cards can be especially challenging to write. Lucky for you, we’ve put together some excellent go-to messages perfect for businesses to use for a variety of retirement situations. So don’t be afraid to stock up, select a pre-written sentiment and use one of the personal message ideas below—this way, you’ll be ready for the next retirement announcement. Here are 20 messages to get you started as you ponder what to write in a retirement card or congratulations card.

Career Retrospective Retirement Card Messages 

Honoring careers and contributions is always appropriate in a retirement card, especially for those who have been with a company for a significant amount of time. In these retirement card messages, it’s most important to let them know they made a difference and that they will be missed. Use phrases such as:

  1. In the many years you have been with [company], you have made an undeniable difference. Congratulations on your retirement—it won’t be the same here without you!

  2. Your hard work, dedication and achievements may never be matched. Thank you for setting the standard for everyone at [company].

  3. You’ve done so much for us that we could never list it all in one place. Best of luck in your new adventures!

  4. Your retirement is well deserved, but you will be missed!

  5. Thanks for all the great memories. Your contributions to [company] will never be forgotten.

Retirement Wishes for the Future

Another great tactic is to use a future-focused angle, especially if your retirees have a plan for after retirement. After all, they may be “retiring” from one job to pursue another—or perhaps they are retiring just because they can. Wish them success for all that they do. And keep in mind that many retirees say they’re busier afterward than they were before!

  1. Happy retirement! May your future include more of the things you enjoy and none of the things you don’t!

  2. Congratulations on your retirement and enjoy the world of possibilities ahead of you!

  3. All your hard work has finally paid off! Enjoy having the time to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do.

  4. Now that you’re retired, hope you’ll have time for all you’ve got planned!

  5. After all you’ve done for us, it’s only fair to let the rest of the world get their turn. Best of luck with your new adventures!

Happiness in Retirement Messages 

If you don’t have as much information as to why the retirees are headed out the door, wishes for happiness are the most appropriate. Let them know you’re excited to see what comes next for them.

  1. Wishing you good health, happiness and success as you move forward!

  2. May this next chapter of your life be everything you want it to be.

  3. Whatever comes next for you, may it bring you happiness and fulfillment.

  4. Wishing you a wonderful future with lots of time to enjoy your family, friends and interests.

  5. May you live your best life from here on out. Enjoy your retirement!

Heartfelt Retirement Messages 

Bear in mind that sometimes retirements may not be by choice. It is these individuals who need to hear from friends, coworkers and partners the most. Stay positive and be encouraging in your retirement card message. It’s critical to be sincere and let them know that their contributions in the workplace were highly valued.

  1. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Thanks for everything.

  2. The office won’t be the same without you! You’ll be missed every day.

  3. Wishing you happiness beyond retirement. You will be greatly missed!

  4. Thank you for being a mentor, friend and one of the hardest workers I know. Enjoy retirement!

  5. I cannot imagine the past [X] years without you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

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