Greeting Cards for Banking and Credit Unions

Growing financial relationships can be difficult with the increasing usage of digital applications and less interaction with staff. Therein lies the opportunity for Hallmark’s business greeting cards to help banks, credit unions and financial institutions.

STAT up to 32 percent

By sending Hallmark cards to customers, one of the world’s largest banks obtained a 32% increase in revenue by upselling additional products.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
STAT 64 percent

64% of people say greeting cards make them feel special (vs. 15% for emails and 5% for texts).

SOURCE: USPS mail data

Millennials are 2X as likely to feel noticed when they receive a greeting card compared to other generations.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
STAT 72 percent

72% of consumers prefer Hallmark greeting cards over other greeting cards.

SOURCE: HBC Quantitative Consumer Direct Marketing Communications Study

Through a normal course of business, customers share life events with us. (This) empowers employees to enrich human moments and build memorable experiences.

Erica Penner, Manager of Performance Management
G direct mail vs Hallmark card response rates

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L female CSR in black sweater on phone talking to customer
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Wow. Never have had a company that shows appreciation for being a long-time customer… especially a credit card company. Just got this card from CareCredit, and they always send birthday and holiday cards, too!

CareCredit customer
Steph B.

I got a birthday card from @Citi ! Our relationship has definitely moved up a level.

FAQs About Greeting Cards for Banks & Credit Unions

Can sending business greeting cards replace human interactions with banking employees?

As many banking and credit union relationships become more digitally focused, it is harder to prove to customers that you are a living, breathing group of people who truly care about the banking customer experience. There is no replacement for a human being, but Hallmark cards are an excellent way to demonstrate the humanness of your credit union marketing. Why? Because Hallmark cards are a physical presence that brings the excitement and anticipation of receiving a card in the mail. Hallmark has spent the last 100 years building the impact that receiving a Hallmark card has on the recipient. Banks and credit unions can take advantage of this to create human moments in the banking experience from welcome cards to heartfelt thanks for the referral.

When should my organization explore a corporate program with Hallmark Business Connections?

When it comes to buying business greeting cards, a corporate solution will best serve banks and credit unions with lots of employees and locations who need to order or send cards or if you want to send greeting cards to your entire customer or member base.

Corporate Solutions for Banks and Credit Unions

Our three most popular corporate solutions for the banking industry are:

With a corporate solution, Hallmark creates a custom website for the organization that includes the company’s own collection of greeting cards. This provides better brand control, coordination between sales and marketing, the ability to add original cards developed for the organization and, when applicable, volume pricing and special services. Contact us to learn more about how corporate solutions work.