Greeting Cards for Manufacturing and Essential Workers

Motivate and encourage employees to meet and exceed production, safety and efficiency goals.

STAT 75 percent

75% of card recipients report feeling more connected to a business that sends Hallmark cards.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
STAT 50 percent

When a company's vision, values and goals are understood, productivity thrives.

SOURCE: Harvard Business Review

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

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13 Reasons to Recognize Workplace Safety (And 25 Safety Card Messages to Make it Easy!)

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STAT 64 percent

64% of people say greeting cards make them feel special (vs. 15% for emails and 5% for texts).

SOURCE: USPS mail data

Millennials are 2X as likely to feel noticed when they receive a greeting card compared to other generations.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
STAT 72 percent

72% of consumers prefer Hallmark greeting cards over other greeting cards.

SOURCE: HBC Quantitative Consumer Direct Marketing Communications Study
STAT 76 percent

Regular acts of appreciation can increase employees’ confidence in the company vision and leadership by 76%.

SOURCE: Harvard Business Review

A Guide to Giving Workplace Greeting Cards

You’re a producer, a maker, a builder of things. Fueling the growth of your business are your front-line staff who, day in and day out, show up and get your products built, packaged, shipped and delivered. They are essential employees because they are truly irreplaceable to your business.

But to keep them showing up, staying safe and motivated isn’t an easy thing to do. Employee recognition is vital to employee engagement, and Hallmark is here to help. Here is a quick guide for leaders and managers of the most impactful Hallmark business greeting cards for your role in engaging your manufacturing employees who must “get it done.”

Human Resources Directors are skilled at pre-planning ways to build employee morale and engagement. Their favorite Hallmark greeting cards to buy for employees are:

  • Birthday cards – sent either from the company, the division leaders, the CEO or customized from each employee’s direct supervisor.

  • Thank You and Happy Holidays  – most likely sent from the CEO or division leader and best sent to employees at their homes to convey appreciation to the employee and their family.

  • Baby Congratulations Cards – processing leave of absence and paid time off requests often give insight into the birth or adoption of a child. 

  • Retirement and Years of Service Greeting Cards  – allow the human resources department to source these cards and then provide in advance to direct managers to sign and give to employees on their special day.

Operations Managers know the daily lives of their employees best. They should be the first to respond quickly, compassionately and empathetically to life events.