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Boss's Day 2023 is Monday, October 16

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What to Write in a Boss's Day Card: 15 Message Ideas from Hallmark

In the U.S., Boss’s Day is celebrated on October 16. This holiday gives employees the opportunity to show appreciation for their managers and supervisors. It’s also a chance for upper-level management to recognize middle and frontline managers who are doing a great job.
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“Happy Boss’s Day” Takes on an Expanded Role

Should I be recognizing more than just my direct boss? What are the new rules for Boss’s Day cards?

For some, this day of recognition has expanded to include those who are mentors, coaches, confidants and generally anyone who helps you build and grow your career. For many, that goes far beyond the traditional “Happy Boss’s Day Card,” and it looks more like appreciation.

It’s the one day a year made just for people in manager, supervisor and leadership roles. CEOs, company presidents, business owners and senior leaders are discovering that Boss’s Day is a great time to celebrate the leaders, managers and supervisors of their companies. By sending an unexpected Boss’s Day card, they can naturally express their empathy, appreciation and understanding of how difficult it is to manage people and help lead the company to success.

How do I order Boss’s Day cards?

With our “Make It Easy” services, we can even sign and send the cards for you. Check out our thank you and appreciation cards if you are looking for something that doesn’t expressly call out Boss’s Day.