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Extend the Realm of Your Gratitude During Thanksgiving

Rhonda Basler
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P happy thanksgiving 1HBE2345

Pumpkin pie, cranberries and turkey characterize the fourth Thursday of November. We spend this day each year with friends, family and loved ones to celebrate our good fortune and everything we have to be thankful for. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, consider how you can extend the realm of your gratitude. This year’s Thanksgiving spirit doesn’t need to be confined to Nov. 26, or to just friends and family.

Think of the customers and employees you interact with daily in the workplace. These are the people who define your company culture and who are the face of your success. Traditionally, the December holidays are known for holiday greetings, but Thanksgiving is an unexpected and authentic time to show your appreciation in the business world.

November offers an ideal opportunity to recognize your employees for their hard work throughout the year. Sincere gratitude helps foster an enrichment culture where employees feel appreciated and valued. And those feelings will likely be reflected in the customer interactions they have.

Because many businesses focus on December in their holiday planning, Thanksgiving provides an early and unique opportunity to reach out to customers in an authentic way. Use Thanksgiving to send a card expressing your gratitude for their continued patronage. If appropriate for your business, include a unique special offer and you may even be able to capitalize on pre-Black Friday purchases. You’ll stand out from the crowd of holiday cards and your genuine message of thanks will make a truly meaningful connection.

Use the month of November to strengthen your business relationships by reaching out to the people who matter the most to your continued success – your employees and customers. The more they feel valued and appreciated the more likely they are to advocate on your behalf, not just around the holiday season, but all 365 days of the year.

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