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Here’s How to Show Your Customers and Employees You Care Enough

Patrick McCullough
P Sprint custom card back personalization tray plant
P Sprint custom card back personalization tray plant

We’ve seen it done before.

GoPro and Red Bull.

Nike and Apple.

Taco Bell and Doritos.

Using a combination of brands strengthens both brands’ positioning with consumers.  When it comes to doing good business, brands that utilize each other’s strengths fair better than going to market alone. And that’s exactly why businesses—large and small—use Hallmark cards as part of the marketingcustomer experience and employee relations plans. Hallmark Business Connections allows brands all over the world to use their very own, custom-designed, branded Hallmark card to connect with their consumers. It works because the Hallmark brand carries a lot of weight—it’s trusted (named a Top 10 Most Reputable Company by Forbes/Reputation Institute), it’s powerful (named Greeting Card Business Brand of the Year by Harris Poll) and it’s inclusive (named America’s Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes and Statista).

  • Top 10 Among America's Most Reputable Companies (Forbes and Reputation Institute)

  • Greeting Card Brand of the Year (Harris Poll)

  • America's Best Employers for Diversity (Forbes and Statista)

With these accolades comes great responsibility, and we take our duty to represent other brands via Hallmark cards very seriously. We protect it, honor it and celebrate when we help businesses “care enough to change the world.”


Hallmark Moments in Business

How do you deliver a Hallmark moment in the business world? The answer is actually quite simple—you send a thoughtful, personalized greeting card that helps your brand connect with consumers. And when you do, something wonderful happens.

When a business cares enough, it creates customers for life.

Real Example: Maria connects with her customer.

Maria, a customer service rep, received a call from a customer who disclosed that someone in her family had recently passed away. Maria decided to follow up the call by sending a sympathy card to the customer. In return, Maria received a note back:


An unexpected delivery sent by the most unexpected person creates a moment worth sharing.

Real Example: Kirby sends best wishes.

Kirby is a call center rep. She talked to a customer (Peggy) who recently had eye surgery. After the customer service call, Kirby wrote Paula a Hallmark greeting card to send along best wishes. In response, Peggy, the customer, wrote the following back:


Empowering customers to build real relationships with the brands they do business with.

Real Example: CareCredit and Citi get social media love.

CareCredit sends Hallmark greeting cards and eCards to its customers to keep their relationships strong. As a result, CareCredit customers post their joy and amusement of receiving a greeting card to Facebook and other social channels (Citi Bank sees similar results, too):


I can't get my own family to send me a birthday card, much less remember my birthday. However, @CareCredit sent me a nice card.

Wow. Never have had a company that shows appreciation for being a long-time customer… especially a credit card company. Just got this card from CareCredit, and they always send birthday and holiday cards, too!

CareCredit customer
Steph B.

I got a birthday card from @Citi ! Our relationship has definitely moved up a level.

The next time your business wants to strengthen not only its brand image, but also its connection with customers, consider a Hallmark card. For more examples like these and to connect with our team of experts on what the power of a Hallmark card can do for your business, simply get in touch