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Level Up Your Customer Experience—and Team Morale—with Care by Hallmark

Jada Sudbeck
Two older people smiling over a card ARTICLE HERO IMAGE
Two older people smiling over a card ARTICLE HERO IMAGE

Looking for a way to connect with your clients in an entirely unique way? What about empowering your customer service reps to make personal, memorable moments with customers after the call ends?

Designed with call centers in mind, Care is a web-based program from Hallmark Business Connections that empowers representatives to extend conversations by easily sending greeting cards without ever leaving their desks. Designed for even difficult conversations, the Care program can support your team, control your brand messaging and create exceptional customer experiences.

With Care, customer service representatives (CSRs) can express empathy and be responsive to customers’ unique experiences. Hallmark clients and card recipients report that these small moments create meaningful touchpoints.

Turning Difficult Conversations into Expressions of Care

Withthe support of easy one-to-one sending, CSRs can be responsive and provide individualized comfort to members on hard days.

The Care catalog offers a variety of cards for sending support. Users can put a much-needed smile on someone’s face with categories such as care and concern, encouragement or get well. Writing messages like these may feel daunting at first, but when they utilize message starters from Hallmark writers it’s easy. CSRs can quickly select a thoughtful message or personalize it themselves and have a card on its way in under a minute.

With Care, it doesn’t take a long time to leave a lasting impression on customers.

A member lost her husband and shared that the facility where he lived for the past three years did not send a note, but she greatly appreciated that the insurance provider had.

One member who lost her daughter and husband in one year received a condolence card and wrote back to express her appreciation for the insurance provider’s thoughtfulness.

Making Good Days Even Better

CSRs can surprise and delight members with greetings that make them feel seen and appreciated.

Acknowledging personal life events is a wonderful way to build relationships. That’s why the Care library has cards for all kinds of happy occasions such as welcome, new home, congratulations and seasonal holidays.

Care enables CSRs to make customers’ days. Sending Hallmark cards expresses an authentic interest in customers lives and demonstrates that your organization is in-tune with their experience.

The birthday card you sent warmed my heart. Thank you. It was the only birthday card I received this year.

Hallmark Card Recipient

I received your beautiful card today. Just to know someone cares means a lot.

Hallmark Card Recipient

Turning Employees into Champions of Care

Care also makes companies more connected environments for employees. With this additional tool in their relationship-building toolkit, CSRs are more engaged and deliver even better service.

Personalized direct mail touchpoints stand out and deepen connections not just for recipients, but senders too. Furthermore, the ability to reach customers quickly and easily with greeting cards means this added value doesn’t add to CSRs’ already heavy caseloads. Users enjoy sending cards both for the impact they see it has on customer satisfaction scores as well as for their own emotional satisfaction.

Being able to send our customers greeting cards has had a huge positive impact on me. It gives an overwhelmingly great feeling to be able to do more.

Care user

The opportunity to send a greeting card through this program has a positive impact on our employees, as they’re able to share empathy, concern or excitement.

Care client

Staff value this tool. It’s like going into a Hallmark store and selecting a special Hallmark card from 14 categories of sending occasions; and having the messages personalized to the member and sent by the individual representative of the health plan!

Care client

Hallmark Business Connections is committed to putting more care in the world. We bring Hallmark moments to the business world by facilitating meaningful interactions between companies, their teams and their customers.

We invite you to learn more about the Care solution or consult with our team about all the corporate solutions Hallmark has to offer.