Custom Designed Hallmark Greeting Cards

OPTION 1: Do It Yourself by Using Our Customizable Cards

Design your own Hallmark cards with our customizable cards for holidays, thank you, birthdays and more. Add team or family photos, designed images or logos, and pick your font and color.

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OPTION 2: Hire Hallmark to Create an Original Custom Greeting Card

Hallmark's world-renowned creative team will create a card that is specific to your needs. We infuse your brand while maintaining the Hallmark essence to get your marketing material opened and acted on.



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L hand holding credit card shopping online on laptop

Shopper Marketing at Its Best: Creating “Loyalty Beyond Reason”

To raise the loyalty-marketing bar, Walgreens collaborated with Hallmark to take personalized action on key customer insights and data—using a custom Hallmark greeting card to do the hard work. Emily Miller, who was then category manager of greeting cards at Walgreens Retail Products, wanted to demo…
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P Sprint custom inside insert personalization mobile phone
Case Study

Sprint Corporation Doubles Digital Engagement Rates by Sending Custom Hallmark Greeting Cards

Discover how one of the largest mobile networking operators in the United States utilized custom Hallmark greeting cards to deliver a customer appreciation message and offer designed to improve digital engagement.
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