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The Marketer’s Guide to Using Empathy to Create Great Customer Experiences

Kim Totty
L female clerk handing shopping bag to customer across counter
L female clerk handing shopping bag to customer across counter

Empathizing with customers (and potential customers) is nothing new. Some of the world’s most iconic brands have been doing it forever.

Just think of Zappos. We all know that this online brand has made an exceptional customer experience central to its marketing strategy. No scripts, zero up-selling and empowered frontline employees—Zappos is perhaps the golden child of the modern empathetic customer experience.

There’s no doubt that data and technology are critical to achieving marketing and customer experience success. But too many companies have spent years investing in technology they claim will fix everything, only to find that perhaps it fixed a few things, but it wasn’t the panacea it was intended to be.

Perhaps that magic bullet that all marketers are seeking is a simple, common-sense answer: Thoughtfully planned empathy infused into the marketing experience.

There is no doubt that marketing technology and big data play a major role in a brand’s overall customer experience. Seeing the customer’s point of view and perfecting a highly personalized experience is the driving need for investment in both. Applying empathy is the bridge between future casting and acting now to create better customer relationships that generate long-term, sustainable revenue growth.

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