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I cried, I was so surprised and I have not received a call in regards to my loss from my church even. . . I am gonna keep this forever.

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3 Strategies to Enhance Your Veterinary Marketing for Modern Consumers

Pets are people, too. Well, not technically — but they are full-fledged family members to 72% of folks in the United States. As birth rates plummet among younger generations, “fur babies” have taken the place of human kiddos. And they’re pampered just as much as any toddler.
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Why Life-Event Marketing Should Be Part of Every Veterinary Marketing Plan

Few veterinary practices celebrate or recognize pet life events — birthdays, anniversaries and sorrowful occasions, for example. These are missed opportunities to do something incredibly touching for your clients. By celebrating the life events and milestones of pets, veterinary teams can increase c…
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How to Write a Heartfelt Pet Sympathy Card

If you’ve ever adopted a pet, you know the deep, emotional attachment that comes along with it. Learn what to include in a pet sympathy card.
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94% of employees say sending Hallmark cards to customers gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

How to Utilize Business Greeting Cards for Veterinary Practices and Animal Hospitals

Caring for Pets and Their Humans

Not only do Hallmark greeting cards for businesses build and strengthen relationships with your customers, but they also can also be just the thing to help you and your employees take an emotional situation and DO something about it. In a veterinarian’s words, “I had [this person or pet] on my mind and sending a greeting card helped me get it off my heart so I could move on to my next pet patient.”

Veterinarian greeting cards also help animal hospitals and vet offices build clientele faster and more efficiently through word-of-mouth marketing. Sending a Hallmark greeting card for business to your pet parents will make them feel cared for and attached to your business. You’ll earn their loyalty and referrals.

Caring for Vet Techs, Office Staff and Volunteers

Caring for pets and their families can take an emotional toll on the caring individuals you employ in your vet practice or pet hospital. Although words of appreciation can’t change the work, it can change how your employees feel about their work and who they work for. Check out our employee appreciation greetings and workplace milestones greeting cards. We’ll even give you suggested wording to help you write the right words to heal a soul, provide encouragement and keep employees happy to be working with you.