Greeting Cards for Financial Services

Highly successful financial advisors know that building deep, intimate relationships with clients is critical to keeping and growing their book of business. Hallmark greeting cards have been proven to improve client retention, client referrals, and account growth.

STAT 87 percent

87% of financial advisors say that sending Hallmark cards is vital to the health of their business.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

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Hallmark Cards Are a Double Win for Marketing ROI

Test a Hallmark business greeting card against any top-performing mail tactic you’re currently using. Most likely, Hallmark cards will be opened, read, understood and acted upon better than your existing solution.
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Case Study

Hallmark Greeting Cards Work Better Than Letters, Phone Calls and Other Greeting Cards

Learn how a financial services company with over 10,000 locations uses Hallmark cards to improve client retention and agent engagement.
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How to Source Greeting Cards for Your Financial Services Business

Is it better for each financial advisor to buy their own cards or for my company to have a corporate program with Hallmark Business Connections?

When it comes to buying business greeting cards to help financial advisors build their business, both approaches can be highly successful. Here are some pros of each:

Sourcing Greeting Cards for Financial Advisors Individually

The selection is greater for each advisor to select the cards that will genuinely resonate with their clientele.  From finance Christmas cards to Hanukkah to customizable cards each financial advisor feels empowered to connect with their clients by making personalized greeting card selections.

Develop a Corporate Solution for the Financial Advisors

With a corporate solution, Hallmark creates a custom website for the organization that includes the company’s own collection of greeting cards. This provides better brand control, coordination between sales and marketing, the ability to add original cards developed for the organization and, when applicable, volume pricing and special services.  Contact us to learn more about how our corporate solutions work.