Greeting Cards for Healthcare

Let Hallmark help you say, “thank you” to your essential staff.


Nurses are 2X as likely to feel special when receiving a greeting card compared to a social media post.

SOURCE: Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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Healthcare Worker in Blue Scrubs

5 Meaningful Ways to Honor Nurses and Healthcare Workers

The pandemic has greatly impacted healthcare workers and recovery will require ongoing expressions of gratitude towards these selfless healers. We have five ideas to get you started.
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Nurse Smiling at Camera

How to Appreciate Your Frontline Workers Without a Big Budget

Though times have been difficult, essential healthcare workers have stepped up to the plate. Get 4 budget-friendly ideas on how to appreciate nurses and staff during National Nurses Week May 6-12.
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L doctor nurse smiling at male patient hand on shoulder

3 Ways to Express Sympathy and Care with Business Greeting Cards (Plus What to Write in Business Sympathy Cards)

If you’re in the business of caring for others, you understand the importance of expressing sympathy and concern. Whether it’s face-to-face or in a written note, we can all agree that expressing concern or sympathy isn’t easy.
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L person in scrubs stethoscope in pocket

10 Ways to Say Thank You to Nurses During Nurses Week

Nurses have an important job to do, and it is our duty to thank them.
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Just as we must acknowledge that patients suffer, we must acknowledge that the work caregivers do is complex, important and both physically and emotionally challenging. Simply acknowledging efforts and praising good outcomes in a genuine and unscripted way is meaningful.

American Nurses Association
STAT 75 percent

75% of card recipients report feeling more connected to a business that sends Hallmark cards.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

How to Utilize Business Greeting Cards for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare and elder care companies are often in positions of managing emotions—of patients, their caregivers and their own—to achieve the best health outcomes. At Hallmark Business Connections, many of our products are created with these caring individuals in mind.

Designed to help support, encourage and put more care in the world, greeting cards for healthcare are not only a way for employees to show they care, but they also make great medical marketing tactics for health systems, doctors in private practice and hospice and elder care companies. Greeting cards have been proven to improve quality scores, motivate healthy behaviors and inspire preventative care.

Corporate Solutions Help Healthcare Companies Care with Scale and Efficiency

Because all healthcare organizations are faced with continuing challenges regarding efficiency, security, safety and employee retention, corporate solutions from Hallmark Business Connections may be an avenue to explore for your company. To learn about the corporate solutions available for medical, senior living and health systems, contact us.