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3 Ways to Express Sympathy and Care with Business Greeting Cards (Plus What to Write in Business Sympathy Cards)

Daryl Forkell
L doctor nurse smiling at male patient hand on shoulder
L doctor nurse smiling at male patient hand on shoulder

If you’re in the business of caring for others, you understand the importance of expressing sympathy and concern. Whether it’s face-to-face or in a written note, we can all agree that expressing concern or sympathy isn’t easy. But it is important. And for those who work in hospitals, medical offices, hospice facilities, funeral homes and other places of care, it’s a vital part of the job. 

That’s why many businesses turn to Hallmark for help. They want to express sympathy to the families they work with, care to their patients and appreciation to their employees in a way that’s appropriate, but also heartfelt. Well, heartfelt is what Hallmark does best, so rest assured, we’ve got you covered.  

Below you will find the three best ways businesses use Hallmark cards to express sympathy as well as care and concern: 

1. Hospital systems, funeral homes and hospice facilities send sympathy cards to grieving families and friends.


It’s simple, yet so impactful. Many hospital systems, funeral homes and even hospice facilities and retirement homes stock up on bulk business sympathy cards to send to grieving friends and families. It’s an opportunity to stay connected to a family after someone has passed—and to show the real, human side of your business. 

As a business, it’s important to remember that once a patient has passed, or once the funeral has ended, your correspondence with the family shouldn’t come to a screeching halt. Something as simple as sending a business sympathy card in the mail a few days after a loved one has passed or a few days after a funeral or burial is a completely unexpected way to help mend a broken heart. The families and friends you’ve worked with will never forget you and the care your business put into the world. 

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What to Write in a Business Sympathy Card

Here are a few ideas of what to write in a sympathy card from your business. 

  • “Wishing you comfort, peace and hope in this time of sadness.” 

  • “All of us at [business name] are thinking of you and wishing you comfort.” 

  • “Just a note to let you know you’re thought of with sincere sympathy in this difficult time.” 

  • “Honoring your sadness, celebrating a life well-lived and wishing you warm memories and peace.” 

  • “We know it hasn’t been an easy road. Just a note to express our sympathy at this tough time.” 

  • “What you’ve gone through hasn’t been easy. But we’ve seen your strength day in and day out. We’re here for you now—and always.” 

  • “With deepest sympathy to you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you now and always.”

  • “[Deceased name] brought much joy to us—even in [his/her] final hours. We cannot express our deepest sympathies enough. You and your family are in our prayers.”

  • “To you and your entire family, we wish you peace, comfort and love during this difficult time.” 


Although you can add your business logo to most of our Hallmark cards, we recommend leaving it off when sending a sympathy card. Sympathy cards are meant to be a caring, human moment—not a branding opportunity. 

2. Hospitals and medical offices send care and concern cards to patients. 

Hang in there. You’ve got this. Thinking of you. These are all messages that many people need to hear—especially those who are sick or facing a tough challenge. Hospital systems, medical offices and even retirement facilities have the unique opportunity to send caring, meaningful, heartfelt messages to their patients to connect with them during a difficult time.  

It’s one thing when a friend or family member sends a thinking of you card, but when a business does it, it is even more unexpected (and sometimes, even more meaningful). 

3. All businesses send employee appreciation cards to recognize their staff's hard work. 

Many jobs require employees to be giving, self-sacrificing and deeply empathetic. Those in careers that take emotional and physical tolls (sometimes on a daily basis) may need more recognition or appreciation than others to preserve their overall well-being. 

Hospital systems, hospice facilities, dentist offices, medical offices, schools and others invest in purchasing employee appreciation cards just for that reason. As a matter of fact, employee appreciation can increase an employee’s confidence in the company vision and leadership by up to 76%.

If your staff is emotionally drained day after day, consider a pick-me-up in the form of a card. It’s a small gesture that can make a huge impact. If an employee had a particularly hard day at work, you can change their day by using one of your stock-piled care and concern cards. Many of our cards express sentiments like “thinking of you” and “hang in there” that might be exactly what an employee needs to hear. We recommend purchasing a care and concern assortment pack so you’re always prepared with the right message in the right moment. 

(NOTE: We have cards specifically for nurses! Check out our nurse appreciation cards, too.) 


Not sure what to write in an employee appreciation card? Read through our ideas: 5 Tips for Writing Employee Recognition Messages

Whether it’s to console a grieving family, to thank an employee for the care they put into the world or to tell a patient to keep their chin up, you can count on Hallmark to help you and your business deliver the right cards and messages to show you care. Plus, give it a shot and see what a card can do.