Greeting Cards for Insurance Companies

When selling insurance, you have to break through thousands of advertising messages. But you also must speak sincerely, honestly and directly to individual needs. A Hallmark card helps you do both .

STAT 10 percent lower

Agents and advisors who consistently use Hallmark business greetings cards as part of their loyalty strategy see 10% lower attrition rates than their peers.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

Businesses who send customers Hallmark cards often receive valuable,

positive posts on social media.

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My @StateFarm agent sent me #Thanksgiving card in the mail! #appreciate the 💖

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Insurance Companies That Show Empathy Will Win Hearts ... and Customer Loyalty

These three strategies will help you bring more empathy into insurance customer service and help clients feel better protected.
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5 Great Examples of Life Event Marketing Your Company Can Try Today

Memorable moments create opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers in new, highly effective ways by bringing forward the human side of their companies. This is what we call “life event marketing.”
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Case Study

Hallmark Greeting Cards Improve Client Retention and Agent Engagement

After The Great Recession of 2008, coupled with the knowledge that it costs seven to nine times more to attract a new client than to retain one, a national financial services company decided to revisit its overall client experience and its impact on retention.
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“We try to reach out to our policyholders four or five times a year that isn’t insurance related. Hallmark Cards are one of, if not our favorite method. The cards are extremely well done and professional.”

Insurance Company Client
STAT increase 3x

Businesses have seen up to 3 times better response to a Hallmark card than business mail.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
STAT 64 percent

64% of people say greeting cards make them feel special (vs. 15% for emails and 5% for texts).

SOURCE: USPS mail data

Millennials are 2X as likely to feel noticed when they receive a greeting card compared to other generations.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
STAT 72 percent

72% of consumers prefer Hallmark greeting cards over other greeting cards.

SOURCE: HBC Quantitative Consumer Direct Marketing Communications Study

The Right Way to Use Greeting Cards for Insurance Agent Marketing

Improving First-Year Customer Retention with Insurance Marketing

Year 1 is the most important year to retain new customers. Using insurance industry-specific Hallmark cards to make new customers feel warm and welcome creates an immediate good first impression of your company. That impression will likely impact whether they decide to shop for competitors and renew their policy. We recommend a new customer welcome card, business birthday greeting card, an annual review invitation, Thanksgiving and insurance Christmas cards to combat attrition throughout the customer life-cycle, but especially in the first year.

Using Hallmark Business Greeting Cards for Claims, Including First Notice of Death Life Insurance Claims

Making customers feel good, even during the legalities and compliance with claims procedures, can pay off in spades when it comes to customer retention and referrals. No one likes filing a claim, and an insurance industry greeting card that reassures your customer, while meeting legal and compliance requirements, goes a long way to making customers feel safe, comfortable and trusted. Sending a sympathy card to the person who must report the first notice of death for a life insurance claim is money well spent on life insurance greeting cards. The ability to send greeting cards also helps the contact center employees who take those emotionally exhausting calls day-in and day-out. For more information on our Customer Care program for contact centers, contact us.

Competitive Differentiators for Property and Casualty Insurance

Our homes are our safe place and when you celebrate someone’s new home with them, it is an immediate logical and emotional connection. Using new home greeting cards to congratulate clients when they buy a new home or need renter’s insurance on a new rental housing forges an immediate bond between you and your client. Want to make a bigger impression? Offer to send moving announcement cards to their friends and family and include a small message about helping with their insurance needs. And take it one step further by sending an annual home anniversary card. They will be both surprised and delighted that you remembered, as it is likely no one else in their life will.

Greeting Cards for Marketing Insurance Online

Today, some consumers are quite comfortable shopping for and buying insurance policies without meeting face-to-face with an insurance agent. Personal preference often determines if this is option is right for an individual, but regardless of how the person bought an insurance policy, they still need to feel connected to the insurance company. Hallmark greeting cards for business create human moments for life events, work milestones and holidays even when a person isn’t present to represent your company.

Is it better for each insurance agent to buy their own cards or for my company to have a corporate program with Hallmark Business Connections?

When it comes to buying business greeting cards to help insurance agents build their business, both approaches can be highly successful. Here are some pros of each:

  • Sourcing Greeting Cards for Insurance Agents Individually - The selection is greater for each agent to select the cards that will genuinely resonate with their clientele. From insurance Christmas cards to Hanukkah to customizable cards, each agent feels empowered to connect with their customers by making personalized greeting card selections.

  • Develop a Corporate Solution for Insurance Agents - With a corporate solution, Hallmark creates a custom website for the organization that includes the company’s own collection of greeting cards. This provides better brand control, coordination between sales and marketing, the ability to add original cards developed for the organization and, when applicable, volume pricing and special services. Contact us to learn more about how corporate solutions work.