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Valentine's Day 2024 is Wednesday, February 14

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I was really amazed because you all sent me a Valentine card. I appreciated the card so much because it was the only one I got. I wasn’t expecting it!

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Make it a Happy Valentine’s Day: Three Tips to Help You Connect and Grow your Professional Relationships

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that businesses should embrace. Why? It’s the perfect opportunity to create an unexpected, empowering customer experience that helps with the bottom line, too.
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Create Timely Opportunities to Spark Customer Appreciation, Try Valentine’s Day

Creating meaningful and authentic opportunities for businesses to express appreciation for their customers is something many struggle with. Naturally occurring occasions do exist for this sentiment, but they are so few and far between that customers may feel overrun by receiving simultaneous message…
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Everything You Need to Know About Valentine's Day Cards

Isn't it creepy to give Valentine's Day cards to customers and employees?

Call it the Galentine’s Day revolution, but in a word, “No.” It’s not creepy to send work-appropriate Valentine’s Day greetings to customers and employees. The key is that the card must be focused on customer or employee appreciation. The focus should be on “we love having you as a customer,” or an appreciation message with no mention of Valentine’s Day, but with a design that is appropriate for February. For some companies, not mentioning Valentine’s Day directly is what makes this feel right.

It seems like I just sent holiday cards in December. Why would I send another card in February?

February is a magical timeframe for many companies. It’s not the best weather for much of the country and the New Year was six weeks earlier, but they still need to drive new business, customer referrals and employee engagement. Valentine’s Day greeting cards can be perfectly timed to drive incremental sales in the first quarter. Not to mention your co-worker, work wife or work husband would love to get a work-appropriate Valentine’s Day card letting them know how much you appreciate them and their work.

Is it true that a Valentine's Day card from a company is the only card some people receive?

Yes, it’s true. We hear it all the time. For individuals living alone and forgotten spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, they are thrilled to get a Valentine’s Day card from a business. Even more compelling, for the lonely and elderly suffering from depression and isolation, your Valentine’s Day card can make a real difference to them and their mental health. In return, it will make a meaningful difference in your business relationship.