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Thanksgiving Day 2023 is Thursday, November 23

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35 Results



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$1.88 | As low as $1.15
$1.88 | As low as $1.15

Agents and advisors who sent an annual Hallmark custom holiday card during the Thanksgiving time frame saw almost a full percentage point decrease in cancellations.

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Article Hero - Why Gratitude Makes Good Business Sense

Why Gratitude Makes Good Business Sense

Thanksgiving offers companies the perfect occasion to leverage the proven benefits of sharing gratitude both within and outside of the workplace.
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L - Woman reading Thanksgiving card

5 Reasons Why Sending Thanksgiving Cards to Customers and Employees Is Essential

It’s always good business to thank your customers and employees—it creates a connection, making them feel good and inspiring a sense of loyalty. Luckily, the perfect holiday to demonstrate your appreciation also happens to kick off the holiday season: Thanksgiving.
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What to Write in a Thanksgiving Card to Employees

These one- and two-liners will help you efficiently and thoughtfully show your appreciation for your employees at Thanksgiving to help you convey your sincere gratitude for all their hard work.
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The Difference Between Business Thanksgiving Cards and Other Thanksgiving Cards

Who is your audience?

Hallmark's Thanksgiving cards for businesses are expertly crafted to create a connection with the people who mean the most to your organization: employees, customers, members and volunteers. Business greeting cards also are sold in bulk with added benefits that make it easy to sign and send a lot of greeting cards.

What do you need to say?

In addition to "Happy Thanksgiving," business greeting cards use emotive, yet business-appropriate language and design that reflect both you and your company. As you select and order your card, you'll find that Hallmark writers have provided starter copy to help you customize your card with specific copy for employees or customers.

How do I pick the right card for my company?

The most important sentiment a company should express at Thanksgiving is gratitude. Pick the card that conveys your appreciation and says it in a way that feels comfortable to you, whether that's a funny Thanksgiving card, or a more straightforward "thank you" message. You can even add a personal touch by putting your logo or team photo on your Thanksgiving card.