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10 Digital Marketing Actions You Can Inspire From Direct Mail

Rhonda Basler
L female gold bead necklace on mobile phone in home
L female gold bead necklace on mobile phone in home

It may seem counterintuitive to include direct mail as part of your digital marketing efforts. Print and digital are separate worlds, right?

Not necessarily.

It has been found that nearly 80% of consumers will respond immediately to direct mail, compared to 45% for email. Recent statistics from the Data & Marketing Association show that direct mail engagement is increasing, particularly as marketers improve upon personalization and relevance.

The Intersection of Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Sometimes, the purpose of your direct mail will be to motivate recipients to do something online. The transition from print to digital should be a seamless one—and finding the right call-to-action can be a difficult thing to do.

Here are some examples of online and mobile activities that can be driven from direct mail:

  1. Complete an online survey

  2. Request a price quote (for price-competitive industries like auto and home insurance)

  3. Complete an online health risk assessment (for health insurers)

  4. Watch a video

  5. Shop and buy online

  6. Visit a website for more information

  7. Join a text club for special offers delivered straight to their phone

  8. Sign up for an e-newsletter via mobile device/QR code

  9. Use a text-to-website feature for mobile engagement with digital content

  10. Direct how to follow on social media channels

So how do you utilize the proven direct mail tactic in such an increasingly digital world?

Find a Direct Mail Piece that Gets People Talking

When conducting research on direct to consumer marketing, I find that people have become very savvy at identifying “junk mail.” Direct mail that looks like any other run-of-the-mill marketing tactic will get thrown in the trash. Mailers littered with promo codes will get discarded. Flyers with bright, flashy colors have a direct line to the wastebasket.

But something unique and clearly personalized and “just for me,” like a Hallmark card, tends to break through the mail clutter. Think about the last time you received a Hallmark card in the mail and didn’t open it. Not only is a Hallmark card opened, read, engaged with and acted upon, but it also drives digital, social and mobile engagement for your customers.

Let’s take a look at some examples from Hallmark Business Connections clients to see how this can come to life.

Case Study: Send Holiday Greeting, Create Social Media Bliss


We worked closely with an insurance company to help them send gratitude during the Thanksgiving season. When customers received Thanksgiving cards from their agents last year, many were quick to share their delight online through tweets and Facebook posts. The cards also included a URL for a volunteer program, which added personal interest and appeal for many of the recipients.

Jesse Schmidt

My @statefarm agent @JTylerCarlson sends me a hallmark Thanksgiving card. What does your insurance agent do?

Case Study: Everybody Has a Birthday

The great thing about greeting cards is that they can be sent year-round. Everybody has a birthday. A birthday is the perfect reason to get in touch with a customer and make them feel special. Hallmark Business Connections makes it easy to send customers personalized birthday cards, which also leads to social media sharing.

Tim Sanville

Only birthday card my wife has gotten so far is from our @StateFarm representative. #customerforlife


I can't get my own family to send me a birthday card, much less remember my birthday. However, @CareCredit sent me a nice card.

Example: Show Them You Care


A card is much more meaningful than an email or web message to convey to customers how important they are to your business. When you send a physical card, the digital kudos tend to follow.

Example: From Phone to Greeting Card to Social Media

When customer service representatives have the ability to send a personal card based on what they’ve heard during a conversation, it can be very surprising and moving. Customers may share their experiences on Facebook, which can result in numerous likes and shares from their own friends.


SRP Service from the Heart Video Case Study

Salt River Project (SRP) describes the results of using the Hallmark Business Connections Customer Care Solution as part of their customer experience.

How to Add Hallmark Cards to Your Marketing Mix

Companies nationwide look for ways to energize their direct mail and digital marketing initiatives in tandem. One of the easiest things to do is start sending Hallmark cards. Let’s talk to find out how Hallmark Business Connections can help you build your business connections.