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Marketing During a Pandemic: 3 Ways to Make It Multigenerational

Rhonda Basler
Two Generations Women Laughing
Two Generations Women Laughing

It might sound shocking, but many marketers have shut out or deprioritized up to 73 million potential customers. Who are these unicorn consumers who represent 70% of the total addressable market? Baby Boomers. And for many companies, they’ve been relegated to the back burner in favor of a younger demographic. Why? Perhaps because they’re known for being fiercely brand loyal and rather unmovable, which has made them tough nuts to crack — until now, that is.

Traditionally, Boomers skewed more toward buying only products and services they’re familiar with, in person. Yet amid a pandemic, they rapidly pivoted to safely making contact-free purchases via e-commerce portals. In the process, they became remarkably brand agnostic, as many of their favorite products weren’t available in the earliest days of government shutdowns. So they tried the competition’s offerings — and many liked what they discovered.

These realizations should be music to marketers’ ears. They affirm that age-old mantra that anything is possible, and that includes winning over classically stalwart “silver set” consumers.

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