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Using Customer Engagement Techniques to Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS)

Daryl Forkell
NPS and ENPS article hero
NPS and ENPS article hero


When you’re a global banking giant with over 50 million customers, making personal connections is a challenge. Turning front-line employees into company ambassadors can build and grow those connections with meaningful customer outreach programs. And when employees feel empowered they become happier and more engaged which reduces turnover and increases productivity.

The goal was to create a national initiative that could be implemented at a personal level, turning employees into relationship builders to secure customer loyalty, as well as positively impact Net Promoter Scores for both employee and customer satisfaction.

So how does a global company act locally?

They turn to Hallmark Business Connections. We specialize in creating engaging and emotional bonds, in making that human moment that whisks a customer out of a database and into a relationship.

The Hallmark Business Connections Solution Ingrained in the belief that no matter how large a company might be, business still boils down to the day-to-day encounters between people, Hallmark Business Connections enabled the company’s representatives to connect with the customers they interact with every day while maintaining company brand standards.

  • An easy-to-use online ordering system was created to give customer service personnel the means to send customer touch points to initiate and maintain positive customer contact.

  • Each touch point was brand specific with appropriate logos for the client’s varying business lines.

  • Messages were pre-written in English and Spanish by Hallmark creative writers to establish the best connection with customers.

  • Combining personal messages with gift cards was also an option in case a little bit of extra effort was needed. Solving service issues or acknowledging life moments when they happen influences customer retention and increases lifetime value.

  • Employees were empowered to make their own decisions, selecting which messages were needed and when to send them.

  • Messages included a range of occasions such as appreciation, apology, sympathy, and other life event celebrations.

Results Customers said they are two times more satisfied with their financial institution and over three times more delighted with how their negative issues were handled.

Employees feel empowered when given the authority to make personal contact when they saw a need, resulting in an 18% improvement in job satisfaction.

In the first year of use, average balance increased by 38%, retention improved by 10% and revenue increased by 32%.

The program positively impacted Net Promoter Scores for both customer and employee satisfaction.

Exceeding customer expectations is a game-changer in the banking industry and vital to long-term business relationships. In a time of intense social interaction, both online and offline, personal attention increases positive word of mouth and creates referrals. Bringing all of these elements together is how Hallmark Business Connections uses positive messages, and little perks, to make banking more enjoyable.